A few years ago I had a professional voicereel made.  (You can hear it on my Spotlight page, just click the link on Page Two.)  I didn't get much response from it but happily that has started to change this year.  I love working with the microphone and hope to do a lot more.
2016 The Awkward Divorce, role Nichola, produced by Met Film School

This new radio play by Mike Fenimore about Brexit is highly topical and has a lot of good roles for women.  I can't wait to hear it all or hear where it is aired! Nice to be back at Ealing.




2016 UCFF Christian Unions Uncover Resources, role Voiceover for Bible Studies course ad produced by Ignite Creative Ltd

It was really good to do more work with the mike for a new voiceover role.  Hopefully 2016 will open up a lot more work for me in this area.


2015 Shadow Chase, Goldsmiths' College Media Department, roles Kate, Newsreader, Detective Murray

Shadow Chase is a new radio drama by Will Yu.  Touching on different supernatural themes, it's three protagonists go through a considerable journey.  I played three parts as you can see - I really hope to work with Will again.




2015 Silent Secret App,  Brighter Steppings Publisher, role Voiceover

Silent Secret is a new App available from the IOS store.  It allows users to express their opinions and feelings online anonymously.  This has proved to be extremely helpful for dealing with stress.  I am really happy to be doing more voice work this year - may there be much more!





 2015 The Hoad of Ca' Thir, Isobel Lester Films, role Narrator

I have always loved animated film, well who does not?  The Hoad of Ca' Thir is a stop motion animated film conceived and made by the artist Isobel Lester and narrated by me.   I had the privilege of seeing some of the completed footage before the recording session began and I think it will be an amazing film.






2014 Kiss and Tell, RADIOANTI  87.5 FM Radio, role Joan

I have recently been working on a radioplay 'Kiss and Tell' by the artist Rehana Zaman.   Broadcast by the pirate radio station RADIOANTI, who are also artists broadcasting 'whatever and wherever' on a discontinuous and online radio station 'Kiss and Tell' is about the dilemmas of a phone counsellor and was selected for the Art Licks Festival 2014.  We acted the play live on air and it was well received. 





2014 492 Korna Klub, Galaxy 102.5 FM Radio, role Bridie Robertson

I have just been cast in the new soap opera for radio, '492 Korna Klub'. The Korna Klub is a community centre in the fictional town of Ancesstington.  The number 492 represents the 492 passengers that travelled from Jamaica to Tilbury Docks on the SS Empire Windrush. 

Mrs Joyce Collins, the mother of our director Tony Cealy recalls 'it was a difficult time for we Jamaicans to find places to socialise back then so we would often get together on corners (Corna-Korna) of the street and talk about life here in London.'  The gatherings and discussions grew amongst the people and soon they had to find alternative places to meet.





2014 Macbeth, The Classical Radio Company, roles Lady MacDuff, 2nd Witch and Gentlewoman

I have been working on the Scottish play finally.  It was wonderful to do more recording.  It is amazing how a whole world is created just with voices and sound effects. In your head it is all real and there and should seem that way to the audience but it is a special kind of magic.



 I wonder which one is me?......


2013 A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Classical Radio Company, roles Hermia and the First Fairy

Shakespeare's Dream is the second production for The Classical Radio Company and the first play I have done for radio.  It was great to do more Shakespeare and be back in the studio.  Working and rehearsing intensively on the play has so increased my understanding of it.  Before this I had just worked on some of the most famous monologues - now I want to do more Shakespeare.



 In the studio in Sydenham


2013 The Cult of Cathy, P for Production, role Cathy Kelly fan

The new Cathy Kelly book 'The Honey Queen' has recently been published in paperback and the publisher Harper Collins put together some promotional material in which I played a Cathy Kelly fan - I am one anyway!  It was wonderful to do more voiceover work.





2013  The Walk  Six to Start Productions, roles Professor Foster, Bardle & ensemble

I was really happy to be cast in 'The Walk' a computer audio game made by Six to Start Productions.  I have already played five very different roles with widely varying accents and characters so I was in actor heaven.  In the second tranche of recordings I played the featured roles of Bardle and Professor Foster, two very different rich characters.