The eternal audition question!  Sometimes the auditor cuts you off after 10 seconds, sometimes you have to talk for ages.    So I will go back a year......


 A Lad Insane

is a brilliant new feature film by J & A Films and I recently did a first table reading playing the role of Karen Dale.  I can't wait to see how 'A Lad Insane' progresses as it is not like any other story have worked on.  One to watch out for!



The Pilgrim's Progress 

I am currently working on an audio recording of The Pilgrim's Progress and some other Magic Lantern scripts for Magic Lanternist Jon Finney.  This has been a really wonderful opportunity to work on different Victorian themes and stories - obviously Pilgrim's Progress is much earlier than the Victorian era but it was a story they loved to hear in all types of performance and I can see why.


First Love

A wonderful new short film from Raindance in which I play a nun, Sister Mary.  Life continues unfolding right to the end - you can never think it's too late!  First Love will be completed by early summer.  




The Maharajah's Well

is the new film from Talking Pictures/Arts Asia and I play a lady philanthropist in the Victorian era.  Set in the village of Stoke Row it tells the true story of the Maharajah of Benares who donated a well to the village (which often had severe water shortages) after the Cawnpore Massacre in India in 1857. The well still exists and has been refurbished in recent years.  The film will be brought to Stoke Row but initially is due to be played at Reading Museum over the summer of 2019.  Once again I feel so lucky to have worked on such an interesting film - truly history is all around us.



The Lost Ones

is a new Video Installation film for the Jerwood Space Gallery in London.  I play one of the interviewees - it was a wonderful opportunity for me as an actor. A person who is challenged on their identity and civil rights faces losing everything they have built up in their life and the filming was scary.  I feel so lucky to have been cast.



Calling the Tune 

is my new feature film.  Made by Two Hats Productions, it is set in Second world war France where occupation by the Nazis is starting to bite.  I play the role of Marie and I can't wait to see the end result.  Filming is due to take place in the UK and France.



Quarter Life Crisis

is a new short film, one of four that together form 'The Winter Project'.  I played the role of the mother in 'Quarter Life Crisis' and had some really good dialogue and emotions to convey in my scenes.  Hopefully Quarter Life Crisis will have it's first screening in Oxford in Spring!



I played the role of  Iona in the rehearsed reading of  'Lucrece', a new play about an extremely troubled family written by Rebecca Prentice and directed by Kennedy Bloomer.   We performed at the Cockpit Theatre to a full audience and I hope very much to play Iona again - it is an amazing role.



Hasbro Baby Alive Ad

They say baddies are the best parts and I got to play a very grumpy lady in the online advert for the Toy Company Hasbro.  A really super day of filming!


Not Today 

Its been really great to do another Corporate Film, this time for the Metropolitan Police on the subject of mugging - this was done from the perspective of victim and criminal to try and find some answers.  You can see 'Not Today' at this link on youtube - 'Not Today' is a film within it.




O.L.D. Online Dating

I worked on OLD at the amazing Water Rats Theatre Pub as part of Camden Fringe Festival 2018.  I played the character of Lexa, (a spoof of the Amazon bot) and we had a sell out run.  It was a wonderful production and for me as a historian, wonderful to work at this venue with its amazing history as the home of The Grand Order of Water Rats and Lady Ratlings.  On it's stage have also appeared Katie Perry, Oasis and Boy Dylan - I am a wee bit smug!


 Hope UK Recruitment Films

Recently I have been working behind and in front of the camera on several films for Hope UK Drug Education charity.  I am definitely an actor first and foremost but it was great to learn new things and help out backstage as it were.  If you would like to prevent drug harms you can contact them on 0207 928 0848.





 Making a Better World

is my new web series - it is about the life of Hope UK educator John Beasley and his career in London in the Swinging Sixties when being a teetotaller was not fashionable.  However this didn't deter John and his colleagues in their work at Hope House in the heart of Westminster.  The series is available to view on my youtube Channel Kate Sandison.  Here is a link -

Kate Sandison YouTube Channel  

and our poster which depicts Trafalgar Square in the Sixties, the symbolic heart of everything in London at that time. 


 The Importance of Being Earnest

I am playing Laetitia Prism in this new production of 'Earnest' by David Ball Productions and Redwright Productions at the Jack Studio Theatre.  Set in the Edwardian era it looks to be a wonderful show - Oscar Wilde truly had nothing to declare but his genius and I think we will have a great run.



 The Beatrix Potter Trail

is a new web series about the life of Beatrix Potter in Victorian London that I have filmed and directed.  It retraces Beatrix' life in Victorian London and is presented by her real life cousin, the actor Nadine Hanwell. We look at many aspects of Beatrix' life including her love of animals, her creative work and her relationships with her family and other notable Victorian figures.  We have had some festival success already which has been wonderful.



John Tregenoweth - his Mark 

 is another new short from Hope UK Films that I am really excited about!  I am a narrator in this film which is about overcoming tragedy and loss.  It will be completed very soon.


A Temperance Tale 

 is a new short from Hope UK Films.  I play the role of a Band of Hope teacher in Victorian London.  I won't say too much about it because it hasn't been released yet but I also co-directed and I am really excited about it!


Its In the Trees

is a new horror short from Ray Brady's UK Film Co.  It is part of the Portmanteau feature film 'Run Hide Tell' - I was really happy to do the voiceover .  I appear in another short film in 'Run Hide Tell' so I think I am the only actor to contribute to two. I love this still from the movie.




In the Night Garden Live

I was very happy to work on 'In the Night Garden Live' this year.  I can't go into a lot of detail but it was wonderful to help bring so much happiness to so many little ones and indeed 'grown ups' too.




My Baby 

is my latest short film role for  2017.  I am again cast as a mother of a child going through a time of transition.  I had a lot of very challenging scenes and feel very grateful to have such a good role.




 Forever Unconditional

is a new pop song written and performed by Andy Watts and I have recently worked on the video playing a Mum going through a difficult time.  The sun shone down and it was a wonderful shoot.Here I am with fellow actor Hayden Munt who played my son.




Precious Little Things

is my latest feature film.  Filmed on location in Kent I play the role of Shirley Travors.  'Precious Little Things' is due to premiere at Nightpiece Film Festival in August of 2017.  I haven't been to the Festival as a performer since I was 14 and am really looking forward to it.  





My first job for 2017 is 'Samsara', a short film made in beautiful Devon.  I have a wonderful role - Carol the mother of the lead character, a little boy played by Joe Evans.  The wonderful script, beautiful Devon scenery, and delicious catering set a really high benchmark for this year.  I can't wait to reunite with everyone when it is screened.




 My first Shakespeare play on stage since the Dream at Mountview and then we only did a few scenes.  My role Belaria, is a banished warrior who lives in a cave - it's a wonderful part, full of warmth and passion for her family and beliefs.  It is usually played by a man and named Belarius but not surprisingly I think a female actor brings much more to it!



 Top Table

In addition to filming 'Yearning', we did another comedy short 'Top Table' about a fed up beauty therapist May and her long suffering boyfriend Paulo.  It was just amazing to work in Portugal for the first time on such interesting characters.





 This last week has been amazing as I have been filming in Portugal for the first time!  'Yearning' is a high budget short film produced by Padelis Fernandes productions in which I play the character of  Lydia.  Yearning is an emotion we all identify with I think and it will take a while (due to the high production values of the piece) but I can't wait to see the completed film.  



 At the Miradouro of Our Lady of the Mount in Lisbon!


The Awkward Divorce

This last week I have been back to Ealing Film Studios for the first time in quite a while not to do filming but the recording of a new radio play about the Brexit crisis.  I play a Scottish lady Nichola.  It is a very apt play for the times we are living in with many good female roles.  Autumn is starting well!




 This Green and Pleasant Land

I have for the last few weeks been working on the role of Elena in 'This Green and Pleasant Land' which was performed at The Beacon House in Whitstable.  It was a wonderful role for me and I am so happy I was cast.  I hope very much there will be a fully staged production soon.





I am so happy to say that I have recently been working on 'Toby' the new short from Professor Stamen Films!  Filmed on several locations in Cambridge on a Sony FS7 camera, it is twisting tale about popularity.  I play the role of Helen.






City of Spies

This week I have been really lucky to workshop a new feature film script 'City of Spies'  for FFAB UK playing a variety of characters caught up in intrigue and double cross.  It's always amazing to enter a new world - actors are so lucky.




As I hoped, another short film role has come up for me.  I play the mother of the title character in 'ED'.  Filmed on location in Camden by a new French Film company Norma Productions, the story explores a family's relationships to each other.






I did my first short film of 2016 this week, playing a druggie Mum in Essex.  The multiple transport & weather problems meant filming time was cut short but the footage was still good.  Sometimes when there isn't much time people go all out to complete work quickly kind of like a newspaper deadline.  Anyway I hope there will be more shorts coming up in 2016!



 On the set of 'Jenga' with fellow actor Ben Duvall



Cyber Security

I was in front of the camera this week making a new film with London:DC about office security online.  I played Angella, a bossy  supervisor.  It's been great to play so many different parts in 2016 already.






UCFF Uncover Resources Voiceover

I have been doing another voiceover job this week for UCFF Christian Union's Bible Studies course.  Quite a long voiceover - it is really interesting to work out where to place the emphasis on each word when you only have your voice to convey what you mean.




Miscarriage Association Corporate Film

This week I have been working on a new corporate film made by Media Trust.  I play Fiona, an Ultrasound nurse.  I am often cast as Doctors, Nurses and Scientists and they are always good roles.  Fiona was no different.  It was very interesting to use Ultrasound equipment and the characters had a strong journey.   I am really looking forward to seeing the finished film.




One Way

is a feature film adaptation of Jeff Lane's best selling e-book made by Hours Apart Films.  I play the role of Jan, the myserious lady in the woods who appears midway through the story.  We filmed my scenes this week on location in Cambridge and everything went perfectly.  'One Way' should have a London premiere in December.




The Rather Unusual Adventures of Ice Cream Girl and Mr Licorice

is a new feature film by Musta Costa Fortune Films in Toronto and I was lucky enough to workshop it this week in a table read at PlayDeep studios.  I played the role of Tilda and some others - it's a wonderful story with many twists.  I look forward very much to seeing the completed movie.




is a new one act comedy play by Richard Cabut that was staged at 'Stichin Fiction at the Boogaloo' this week.  I played the role of Mary - a concerned citizen.  It was very well received with lots of laughs.  It was great to appear onstage again for the first time this year and meet new people - 'Stitchin Fiction' is a great networking opportunity.




is a play within a play 'Tortoise' that I have appeared in several times before.  Now Tortoise is completed and we did a performance of 'Nosology' at the N16 Theatre in Balham.  I played my original character Elizabeth, Sigmund Freud and a dour Scottish doctor.  I can't wait to do the whole play.






 is a new horror short from Cappuccino studios.  I am playing the role of Theresa.  It is a gripping story about doing your best for those you love.   I have amazing makeup!  There is quite a bit of filming left to do and I am really looking forward to it.



 Saffron Avenue

 In August of 1889 London and much of the country came to a standstill because of the Dockers' Strike.  It was a tough struggle but ended well.   Many Trade Unions were formed and the dockers' wages increased. For the last few weeks I have been studying the period and the life of the Trade Union leader Tom Mann whom I portrayed.  It's an amazing story.  There are so many things we take for granted that our ancestors didn't have.  When the East India Docks were finally demolished in the 1980s the streets built over the site were named after spices imported to the Docks in times past. This is why the play is called Saffron Avenue.  Truly history is all around us.





The Still Smoking Gun

This great new short film for Pixelcove Productions is my first in the Film Noir genre.   I play a diplomat Sam Archer with a lot of secrets.  The filming in Oxford went really well.   I remember as a student there years ago always seeing film crews and Inspector Morse's beautiful Mark Two Jaguar parked nearby.  I never saw Mr Thaw though.  It was wonderful to return to Oxford as a professional actor.





Am I Selfish?

 I have most recently been working on a wonderful new short  'Am I Selfish?'.  Filmed on location in Ealing for Met Film School, it is a family drama.  I play the character of Dr Forbes.  I find I am increasingly cast as scientists and Doctors which is great.  My father was a Doctor - maybe I have inherited that look if not the learning!  Hospitals are a perfect setting for drama - peoples' real characters are always revealed in times of danger and crisis. 





Shadow Chase 

This week I have been working on a radio play, 'Shadow Chase' by Will Yu who is graduating from Goldsmiths' College.  I played three different roles in this wonderful new piece.







I play my first medieval lady on film for 'Destiny' for Kino Shorts  Film Festival.   We have some shots to finish but it is shaping up to be very funny. 




 Mostly Dead

is a new horror short from UK FILM.COMPANY - I play the role of Mary.  Filmed on Black Magic 4K Production it is a terrifying story but as ever I won't reveal it.   It has certainly changed some long held beliefs of mine.





Silent Secret App

 I have voiced the campaign film for the new and very popular 'Silent Secret App' aimed at 11-19 year olds - Silent Secret is an app that lets users express their thoughts and opinions anonymously online.  Many people have found it to be very helpful for relieving stress.  To realise that you are not alone in the difficulties you face is veryvaluable and I am glad to be their voice.





I have played a Psychiatrist again in the short film 'Wonderland' this week filmed on location in Cambridge.  It was an intense shoot and  I look forward to seeing the whole film.





The Hoad of Cal Thir

This week I have for the first time narrated an animated film, 'The Hoad of Cal Thir' by the artist Isobel Lester.  As usual, I don't want to reveal what happens but it is a wonderful  fairy tale with several strong protagonists and it was great to work with the microphone again.





HAGA - Families in Recovery

Here we are in February and I have been working on a new Corporate film about the work of the charity HAGA which helps families through times of crisis.  My character Trisha is helped to make peace with the past and move on with her life.


  I think this game about the Land of Feelings looks wonderful.




 I have been working at the Compass Theatre in Ickenham this week on 'Snowdrop', a film about the great war hero Noor Inayat Khan.  'Snowdrop' is also the title of one of Noor's childrens' stories.  She was already a published author when she volunteered for Intelligence work in SOE during the Second World War.  Her book 'Jataka Tales' is still in print.  In the film I play the role of Vera Atkins, the formidable spy trainer and supervisor.  The research for this film for me has been extensive and I will always be grateful to have portrayed Vera and learned about Noor's story.



 Many flats in Montagu Mansions in Baker Street were actually SOE training facilities during the Second World War.  


The Mime who Wouldn't be Silent

In my first job for 2015 I played the Mum in 'The Mime who wouldn't be Silent' at the Greenwich Theatre.  It is a story of a young girl who runs away from the circus.  It is the first time I have used mime on stage since I trained and the very first time I learned some sign language.  A really good show.





This Secret Place

 I have this week played Miss Margaret Hughes, one of Winston Churchill's secretaries at the Churchill War Rooms.  It has been amazing to walk round those rooms from which Britain's top secret strategies for the Second World War were planned.  I don't think I will ever forget it.



 The Map Room at the Cabinet War Rooms



The Moving Mountain

I have been cast in a workshop and rehearsed reading of  The Moving Mountain, a trilogy of Welsh plays by Jackie Scarvellis.  The plays deal with the unecessary death of young people.  I have been cast as the matriarch of the family.  The reading will be on 15th December at The Hope Theatre in Islington and a full production next summer.





Dance, Little Liar

is a feature film in development and I was cast to read the roles of Laura, Alicia, Joan and a nurse at a workshopped reading  and discussion of the piece last week in London.  It was a really good session with many very strong roles for women which is still regrettably rare.




A House full of Souvenirs and Life

It's always good to do a rehearsed reading - you don't have a huge commitment of time, you have the chance to play a new role, (often one you wouldn't be cast in when the play is staged) and also you can give some input to the work which can be very valuable to the writer.  In this reading I played the role of the mother - the narrative was about the dynamics of different family generations.  After going to the Caulder Bookshop Theatre for a few auditions and performances it was really good to finally work there. 





 The Conversation

This week I have been working on a filmed version of the Radio play 'Kiss and Tell' by Rehana Zaman - it will have a screening in November in London as part of a newFilm collection by Lux Artists' Moving Image. We filmed on location in Leyton beside the River Lea - a really good shoot.






Kiss and Tell

I have been working on a radio play by Rehana Zaman, broadcast by RADIOANTI  at the Art Licks Festival.  In it I play a phone counsellor who is reflecting about the callers she tries to help.  We recorded 'Kiss and Tell' as we walked around a Bermondsey Church Yard and the audience listened in on radios positioned nearby.  I hope we can perform it again.





492 Korna Klub

I have been doing a series of workshops over the summer to be eligible to join the cast of 492 Korna Klub, the first live, improvised radio soap opera in the world!  It is also a forum theatre project as the public are invited to phone in and give their feedback on what has happened in the previous episode and what should happen in the next one.  The Korna Klub of the title is a community centre in the town of Ancesstington - my character Bridie Robertson is a Scottish grandma who wants to open a new restaurant with different world cuisines.  I did my first live broadcast on Friday evening - it was quite adrenaline filled I have to say!  I hope to be featured in many more episodes - it was great.






This week I have finally worked on a production of Macbeth for the Classic Radio Recording Company, I hope it's safe to say that M word here!  I played the second witch, Lady MacDuff and the Gentlewoman who tells the court Doctor about Lady M's sleepwalking.  What wonderful parts.  It is amazing how  a little recording studio can sound exactly like an ancient Scottish castle.  I am so happy to have worked on more Shakespeare.





 I have recently been working on 'Fragments',  a new play by Susanna Bennett that follows the lives of real people living  in Israel/Palestine now.   The exact words and real names of the protagonists are used.  I played 3 roles - Maud, an 83 year old Holocaust survivor, Sondra, a 'very Zionist' Orthodox Jew and Siham, a Palestinian mother and member of the Parents' Circle, a group who work to reconcile and unite those parents on both sides of the divide whose children have been killed.  I have not learned so much for a long time.  It is a terrible situation but as Siham says there is definitely hope.



 The set of 'Fragments'



Tortoise Redux

I have just finished my latest theatre appearance in the role of Elizabeth in 'Tortoise Redux' at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich where we had extremely good feedback.  This play looks partly at the worrying differential in treatment between male and female psychiatric patients.  There aren't enough good roles for women in the theatre/TV world and 'Tortoise' is a welcome exception to that.





 ATL Teachers' Union Corporate Film

Practically all teachers encounter bullying, racism and sexism in their work either personally or in relation to their students.  This film for ATL Teachers Union explores the different organisations that can help teachers find answers to these problems.  In the film I play an Everyman teacher in this situation.


With my brilliant co-actors from the William Patten School



 Who Laid the Eggs?

 This week I have been working at Brecknock Primary School in association with National Book Week.  I was playing a forensic scientist (one of a team) working with the children to establish if a dinosaur, alien or mutant chicken had laid these huge eggs? In a four hour improvisation every possibility was examined.  A really good day and what imaginative answers.....




 Thicker Than Water

 I have just appeared at Fairfield Halls for the first time in 'Thicker Than Water' a new play by Peter Briffa.  I played Vanessa, a lady who is not all she seems.  It is a wonderful story that would be great for touring with one set and a plot that keeps you guessing till the end.  I love theatre of all descriptions but I have to admire a play that just relies on the writing and a few actors with no smoke and mirrors.  The Arnhem Gallery is the biggest auditorium I have appeared in - being under those lights was wonderful! 





Expedia Training Video

We are now well into April and I have been working on a Corporate training film for Expedia made by Tomorrowland Films.  I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I have played a Doctor.  Loving it!




Craic in the Crypt 

I have recently finished playing 2 roles in 'Craic in the Crypt' a new Irish comedy play from Green Curtain Theatre.  It was great to play in two different venues Harrow Arts Centre and then the new Omnibus Theatre in Clapham.  I have always wanted to play a bag lady so that was a dream come true and audiences loved the craic!





The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

 I have just played the title role in 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' for a three week run at the Barons Court Theatre in London.  An amazing character to play and a chance to use my Scottish accent.  I think it is one of the best roles I have ever had.





'Scorned' is a new TV sitcom that is currently in talks for development.  I played the role of Susan in an audio recording of the pilot script at the Diorama Arts Studios.  I don't want to give away the plot but it is a very funny story with wonderful roles for female actors.  





 All the Way to Albaquerque

 I recently appeared at The White Bear Theatre for the first time in a rehearsed reading of 'All the Way to Albaquerque' by Henry R. Martin. I played Jill Johnson, a feminist writer in the 1970s.  The play is about her real life meeting with the artist Agnes Martin.  A really good evening - what fascinating women.




 What You're Missing

Through most of December I have been rehearsing 'What You're Missing', a new play for The King's Head in Islington that will be going on in January.  I play Frida Fisher, a Holocaust survivor now living in Vancouver in Canada in 1974.  The story also takes in the Schuman family who have fled the coup in Chile.   Frida is a Mum, a rich, complex character and I am very happy to be playing her.






In December of 2013 I worked on a new short film 'Mummy' in which I played a policewoman for the first time.  Filmed on location in Northampton on a Canon C300 camera  it is the story of a mother whom a policewoman and a social worker try to help.  It's been a real challenge to think about the body language and manner of speech used by the Police.  They are always the Police but how exactly?  I hope I did an accurate job.




The Walk

A few months ago I recorded my roles of Bardle and Professor Foster in 'The Walk'.  Well it was launched yesterday on 12th December 2013 and immediately placed on the i-tunes store Best New Apps page which is awesome. 




London Boy - further episodes

Back in June I filmed the pilot of 'London Boy', my first TV sitcom.  Now episodes 2 and 3, respectively 'Daniel - la' and 'Landlord Come Inside' have now been completed also.  Making my character Grace come to life has been amazing.  Filming will resume after Christmas.



 Is life ever simple in London's suburban homes?


A Midsummer Night's Drea

I have been working for several weeks now on this radio recording of Shakespeare's Dream for The Classical Radio Drama Company. I am thrilled to be playing Hermia and the First Fairy.   I last played Hermia at Mountview when we presented scenes from Shakespeare at the end of term.  It is cold and dreary November outside but in my head it is warm, idyllic midsummer in Athens in the forest.  Shakespeare's language is incomparable.




 Think Twice

This week I am working on 'Think Twice' a new film by Legacy Media Institute which focuses on educating young people about the dangers of racism.  Our shoot in Tooting and Stoke Newington has been very inspiring and good fun for such a serious subject.




Tesco Corporate Film

 I have just worked on a marketing film for Tesco playing a busy Mum.  It was a good day of filming.  I look a bit tired in this photo from the set but I suppose that was good for the part!




Antidote Still Photos

I have just completed another still photos shoot by photographer Karla Gowlett for Antidote.  This was a series of images of workshops so it was a lot of fun and a learning experience too.  There is no job in the world like being an actor. 





                The Walk

 I have been cast as an ensemble actor in a new computer game 'The Walk'.  I have already played 5 smaller characters of widely different accents, vocal qualities and ages and now am about to start the second set of recordings in which I am voicing Professor Foster and Bardle.  A fast paced, exciting script with so much scope for an actor I am really thrilled to be cast.





 Little Golden Hair

 I am so happy - firstly to be performing on stage again for the first time in ages, secondly acting in a fairy tale for the first time since I was at Mime school and thirdly playing a Grandma for the first time ever!  I have been cast as the Grandma in 'Little Golden Hair' another version of the well known 'Little Red Riding Hood' story.  It is being produced by Travelling Storybox.  We will perform at Cafe Cairo on Friday 11th October.  Some actors don't like to play old characters but I amen't one of them.  Grandma is a great character - may she be the first of many I play!



 This must be one of the best flyers I have ever seen


Discover Card Commercial

I  have been working at the Jermyn Street Theatre today filming a Discover Card Commercial.  I play a New York Cat Lady.  It was a really positive day and I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished film.





 The Cult of Cathy

Now we are well into September.  I have been working on 'The Cult of Cathy' to launch Cathy Kelly's new book 'The Honey Queen'.  The trailer will be viewable on ITV I player and the Daily Mail online but I won't reveal anything else about it.  I have  now read 'The Honey Queen' and really enjoyed it.





Polar Bear

I have just appeared in a new short film 'Polar Bear' made by Lee Productions and filmed on RED Pro.  I play a secondary school teacher, a very interesting role.  The producer and director of 'Polar Bear' had seen my work on 'The One' horror film and offered me the part as a result.  I very much hope to work for them again.





 Things you Think in Order

Earlier this year I appeared in a film for the artist Rehana Zaman 'Exeunt the Emperor Nero/When an Artist Dies in Me'.  It has now been selected for an exhibition 'Things you think in Order' in the Tenderpixel Gallery in London's West End.  I loved making this film and wonder where it will go next?



 Fifty Ways to Kill Your Lover

     I have just filmed an episode of this upcoming TV series from Thumbs Up Productions.  The series details are under wraps till     transmission but I am very happy to be part of it.


 Gone but forgotten?


            The Wrong Funeral              

I have been working this month of August on a new British feature film, 'The Deaths of John Smith' filming on location in Leamington Spa and Lighthorne village.  The film is a comedy about mistaken identity, MI5 and complete mayhem.  The locations are really beautiful and this shoot was great fun and funny.....


A simple funeral - what could possibly go wrong?......


Female Voices

I have just worked at Elstree Studios for the first time on a workshop on new monologues for women.  The writer and casting director Paul Burton CDG is currently finishing a book 'Female Voices' for use at audition or showcase performance.  It was really good to get feedback from someone who casts a lot and trying out the monologues created a lot of good discussion and food for thought.  A wonderful day.




I have been playing a psychic, 'Clairvoyant Martha', this week in a new horror feature film 'Jagoda'.  My first horror film for quite a while.  I have always wanted to play a psychic - it is a very challenging role because it is easy to go too far but I hope I got the right balance.  




Family Ties

I have just finished a corporate film for Legal Network Television about wills and probate.  I played Sarah Jones, a mum debating how she should arrange her will should the worst happen.  It's a good challenge to do a monologue to camera and a compelling subject to work on.



London Boy

I have recently shot my first sitcom pilot 'London Boy' about a Nigerian gentleman who moves to our fair capital.  I play the nosy neighbour Grace.  'London Boy' is now being edited and will soon be ready for transmission.


On location for 'London Boy'


The Condemned

I start principal filming this week on 'The Condemned', a theatre for television film being made by Qultura Fringe.  It is about a Polish Jewish woman Frejda hiding in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943.  This has been a huge subject to research.  I obviously knew about the extermination camps in Poland and the Holocaust but there was far more to learn.  I am so grateful to Stella Baker for giving this chance.



Exeunt the Emperor Nero

I have been working this week at Chromacode Studios with the artist Rehana Zaman on her new Installation  Film that has been commissioned by an Art Gallery in Norwich.   I think Art should be seen not described so I won't do that - I will say I have a wonderful monologue that evoked the atmosphere and electricity of the situation beautifully.  I can't wait to see the whole film.



Not a Game for Girls

I have recently worked at The Space for the third time on a rehearsed reading of a new play 'Not a Game for Girls' by Ben Peel, directed by Jennifer Tang.  I played the Betty Williams, goalkeeper of the world famous 1920s football team, the Dick Kerr Ladies.  I had not heard of them before but they were amazing women playing only for expenses. They donated their profits to charity, about 10 million pounds in today's money.  Really liked the script as did the audience - this story should be told.


The real Dick Kerr team in the 1920s




We are now into May and I am working on Downsizer, a short produced by Rubber Duck Films.  We are filming on location in Canary Wharf and it is a comedy about the bloody side of work life. I play the gloriously awful Mrs Ashcroft and the shoot is going very well.  Downsizer should be completed by August and submitted to as many film festivals as possible.






Pendell Grove

I have just finished filming my first online web series, Pendell Grove, in Northampton.   I play the part of Laura Miller and it is a supernatural thriller.  It is an amazing story and will air later this year.



Keeping Up With the Jones Family

Late last year I appeared in a corporate film drama about adoptive families and the struggle to blend together a new family.  The film has now been released by Family Futures Consortium and is available to buy from them.  A sequel is planned for later this year.




I was selected by photographer Ian Atkinson as a subject for his latest exhibition 'Familiarity' about actors and their homes.  The shoot was so interesting.  It took four hours and the result looks like a painting.  I can't wait to see the finished article.  Here is another of Ian's photos in which the past looks at the present.


Livia's Story

Earlier this year I worked on 'Livia's Story', a stage adaptation of the bestselling Holocaust memoir 'I Have Lived a Thousand Years' by Livia Bitton Jackson, who was sent to Auschwitz at the age of 14.  She survived to tell her story.  I played a number of roles including Aunt Serena who did not survive.  It was amazing to work on this play - we had hoped to perform it in Livia Bitton Jackson's hometown of Samorin in Slovakia (from where she was sent to Auschwitz) but our venue fell through.  But maybe there will be another opportunity.


Going Under

Also in March of this year I completed the Feature Film 'Going Under', playing a Doctor for the first time.  I have often been told I'd be good casting for a Doctor and finally I have played one - I just didn't think she'd be so horrible.  Apparently a lot of Doctors were enthusiastic Nazis which is horrendous.  However it was a great character to portray.  Here is our wrap photo....



I played the role of Judy Sebasky in 'Chrissie', the mother of the title character in a rehearsed reading for the Old Vic Lab.  It was wonderful to work in an American accent again, the first time since 'The Childrens' Hour' and to play such a rich character.


Nescafe Ad

I played a 1950s mum in 'Coffee Coronation Street' made to commemorate 75 years of Nescafe in the UK.  Filmed at Wimbledon Studios by Joel Andersonm it was a journey back in time.



In March of 2013 I worked at Ealing Studios for the first time in a few years.  In 'Milk' I play a mother who is attacked while out with her baby.  Will her rescuer succeed?



Blackshaws New Writing Night

I appeared in the February Blackshaws night this year playing the Narrator of a new Sci-fi story 'Ancient Things' by Chris Buxey.  Blackshaws gather audio feedback from the audience and 'Ancient Things' was very well received.



The Perfect Hunch of an Agoraphobe

My second film role of this year was as Amelia Walsh, the mother of the Agoraphobe.  Amelia is a loving, well meaning charater who often makes mistakes.  It was wonderful to be cast in the face of a lot of competition.




My first project of 2013 was Qultura Fringe's first feature film 'Death'.  In it I play the leading character Alison and also the Witch of Pendle Hill who was Alison in a past life.  I am still filming 'Death' and will be for some time, a fascinating story of Alison's journey to the afterlife.



Fulfil Me Fully Phil

My last stage part of 2012 was as Baker in 'Fulfil Me Fully Phil' a new play written and directed by Sebastian Rex.  Each character had an obsession, mine was baking and also the bitterness of never being fully recognised in life.  An amazing, surreal world to bring to life. 




I had a small role of the Police Radio Operator in this feature film starring Stephen Tomkins.  We did the recording in an amazing high tech studio in Twickenham.  It was quite something to work with such equipment as many film makers have tiny budgets.  I hope to do more audio and film work this year.




The Monk

I had a small but powerful role of Lucifer in Tarquin Productions' play 'The Monk'.  Adapted from the best selling Gothic novel of the same name first published in 1797, we did a very successful 3 week run at Baron's Court Theatre (the perfect venue for the story) over Halloween of 2012.  What makes something frightening?  Playing Lucifer is an ultimate for any actor and it was a great opportunity in the horror genre.




Elegies for Angels, Punks & Raging Queens

I played Helen (the grandmother) in Language Laid Bare's 20th anniversary production that celebrated the lives of those who had died of HIV/Aids.  My character, an old lady who ran a laundry and contracted HIV through a blood transfusion was a joy to play.  There was so much about the subject that I had not known but was  glad to learn.




The Cave

I was cast in this feature film from Indevelopment Films in June of 2012 and my filming days were in September.  I play a nosy, uptight bridal shop owner.  Filmed in Budleigh Salterton in Devon it was a wonderful character to play.






Into the fiery furnace of love......  In Raymond Kym Suttle's comedy set in a dating agency I played Mrs Curtis, a mother from hell who has quite a few secrets.  Monostereo had a wonderful run at the Drayton Theatre in South Kensington and received a 4 star review.



Queen for a Day

In July of 2012 I was cast in 'Queen for a Day' in the role of a psychiatric nurse.  Set in a Californian Mental Hospital in the 1960s I had a small but very good part towards the end of the show.  This play got me very interested in mental health issues for women - looking at 1960s nursing text books was an eye opener.  Queen for a Day was performed at 'Upstairs at the Gatehouse' in Highgate, a beautiful theatre.  I hope we play it again.



Tony Hogan bought me an Ice Cream Float....

'Tony Hogan' is the latest novel by Kerry Hudson and her publishers Random House organised a marathon day's reading of the book.  I was one of a number of actors who lived through this amazing story of a Scots family in the 1970s-80s.  Although it has some dark elements, Tony Hogan is a very uplifting book that you can't put down.  As a Scot many of the books descriptions of Glasgow, people & situations resonated strongly with me. I stayed all day - a day to remember. 



An Advaark Sang in Leicester Square

I was cast in 'Advaark' in June of 2012 and my scenes began shooting in July.  I play Gladys a Jehovah's Witness who has lapsed and returned to the fold.  A great character that I am so happy to have worked on.



The Tragedy of Mariam

My first Jacobean drama.  I played Queen Deborah, the High Priest Ananell and the 2nd son of Babus.  Workshopped over 3 weeks at Central School with director John East of 'Just Enough' Theatre Company we had one performance in June of 2012.  This play is the earliest known drama written by a woman, Lady Elizabeth Cary, Viscountess of Fulham in 1613.  I hope to see it again or appear in a full production one day.



The Emergency Appointment

My first short film for ages!  I played a patient with excruciating back pain who tries in vain to get an appointment with a doctor. Filmed on location in Battersea in June 2012.



Julia Let Me Show You

I was invited to join on a 2 day workshop of 'Julia Let Me Show You', a new play from Constructive Interference Theatre Company. It was a very physical workshop during which the characters really emerged and I learned a lot about the environment.  It is rare to have the luxury of playing and experimenting like this.



In Court With Queen Victoria

This museum film, in which I played Harriet Lepal Phipps, Queen Victoria's secretary had a special screening and reception at Nehru House in London.  It was a wonderful evening - I  hope the film is exhibited many times. 





Lord Arthur Savile's Crime opens!

On March 20th 2012 I opened in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.  I played a nervous hypochondriac aristocrat Lady Clementina Beauchamp and a grumpy maid, Smedley.  The show ran for a month at Baron's Court Theatre in Kensington & it was wonderful to do more Oscar Wilde.