I am doing more stills work all the time.  I have more to upload for this page - it's not finished!

Photos by ELM Photo Studio

 I just had new publicity and headshots taken by ELM Photo Studio - they were wonderful, took all day to do the shots and did everything to make them work.  Here is a link to their website if you are an actor or performer looking for new photos - and see for yourself below!

ELM Photo Studio 














Photos by Buppha Wittaya-Amponpunt

 Here I am as two different retro ladies, one a 70s Laura Ashley type and a 1920s lady.  It was a great shoot day in Wimbledon, London.  Thank you Buppha!

























Photos by Caroline Summers

Here are some recent shots of me by Caroline Summers in this beautiful green suit.  I feel kind of 60s in it.  I love her work.  I'll never forget this day - it was a heatwave.  The makeup was done by Michelle Marsh.







Photos by Joel Anderson

Coffee Coronation Street is one of a series of photos to celebrate 75 years of Nescafe.  I play a 1950s Mum.  Filmed at Wimbledon studios this year, we recreated a street party in 1956 to celebrate the Queen's Coronation with a well earned cup of Nescafe and cakes. Every detail of the set and costumes was in period and it was a wonderful day though very cold!










Familiarity - Isaphoto

Familiarity is a collection of photos documenting actors in their homes.  I was chosen by the photographer Ian Atkinson as one of the actors featured.  It was very interesting and a beautiful result.



Photos by Caroline Summers




Photo by Anna Nesic

Taken at the Lansdowne hotel, this photo is the one most often sent to me to autograph so thank you Anna Nesic!