When I completed my training I did as many short films as possible to put together a showreel.  I eventually managed this and have also updated it several times since then.  Hopefully there'll be lots of shorts in 2017.

2019 First Love, Raindance Film School, role Sister Mary, director Priscila Carvalho Vailones 

2018 Quarter Life Crisis, The Winter Project, role Mother, director Robbie Belok

 2017 A Temperance Tale, Hope UK Films. role Band of Hope teacher, director Kate Sandison and Sam Johnson

2017 John Tregenoweth - his Mark, Hope UK Films, role Band of Hope teacher, director Kate Sandison and Sam Johnson





2017 My Baby, Jarred Films, role Mother, director Kim Jarred



2017 Samsara, Deadly Intent Films, role Carol, director Lucy Townsend 

2016 Top Table, Padelis Fernandes Productions, role May, director Niav Padelis

2016 Yearning, Padelis Fernandes Productions, role Lydia, director Niav Padelis

2016 Toby, Professor Stamen Films, role Helen, director Ash Ogden









2016 ED, Norma Productions, role Mother director Elsa Perez

2016 Jenga, University of Essex, role Mother, director Carl Graham

2015 Pieces, Cappuccino Studios, role Theresa, director  Dan Sunley













2015 The Still Smoking Gun, Pixelcove Productions, role Samantha Archer, director Simon Morrish

2015 Am I Selfish, Met Film School, role Dr Forbes, director Neejay Raikundalia

2015 Destiny, Kino Shorts Challenge, role Jenny/Genevieve, director Ash Ogden

2015 Mostly Dead, UK FILM CO, role Mary, director Ray Brady

2015 Wonderland, Cambridge School of Art, role Psychiatrist, director Holly Hutton

2014 The Conversation, Lux Artists' Moving Image, role Joan, director Rehana Zaman


2013 Mummy, Mummy Productions Ltd, role Policewoman, director Eddie Johnson

2013 Polar Bear, Senor Pandincho Films, role Teacher, director Ernest Lesniewski

2013 Downsizer, Rubber Duck Films, role Mrs Ashworth, director Joe Pavlo











2013 Milk , Home (pc), role Angela, director Philip Cherukara, Ealing Film Studios

2012 The Emergency Appointment, Qultura Fringe, role Elizabeth Donahue, director Stella Baker

2011 OMG MTG, MTG Films, role Mrs Owen, director James Palmer

2010 Write Off, Bourne Investments Plc, role Kathy, director Paul Jackson

2010 Channel 6, Ravensbourne College, role Kate Ashfield, director Adrian Smith

2009 The Mayfly, Nebula Gate Films, role Prime Minister, director Paul Dolmen

2009 Keep Left, Conlo Films, role pretty woman, director Daniel Lopez

2009 The Blue Flower, University of the Arts, role mother, director Will Long

2009 Missionary's Soul, Met Film School, role Lucy, director Veronique Bayer





2009 Alison in Underland, Bucks New University, role Claire, director Scott Colley

2009 Mary, Met Film School, role Lucy

2008 The Story of a Mother, LCCC, role Mother, director Victor Naveira

2008 Nothing to  be Said,  QTI Productions, role Rose, director Andrew Mairs

2008 Happy House, Bucks New University, role Sally, director Joe Peard

2007 Speed Date, Avision Productions, role Christine, director Paul Jackson




              Speed Date was a Bafta Finalist in the 2008 short films category.