My Gallery of Film Stills

The Wayback

I played a 1950s Mum in this new Virtual Reality film by Thomas Thomas films.  In fact it is the first VR film I have been in.  The camera is placed in the middle of the set and records all 360 degrees around!  The results are amazing.


 A Temperance Tale 

Here are a few photos from my latest short film in which I play a Band of Hope teacher Miss Rebecca McCarter. Featuring a Magic Lantern and set in 1892, the footage looks amazing.







 Forever Unconditional

is a new pop song from Andy Watts and I play the mother in the video of the song.  Here are some stills from the shoot - it isn't out yet. 






My Baby 

is my latest short film made entirely on location in Woking in the UK.  I play the role of the mother of a child in a difficult time of transition.  It was a wonderful role for me and for all the actors.  Here I am with my great screen children Jessica and Bertie Venn and Oliver John Locke.


With my fellow actor Jessica Venn






With my fellow actors Bertie and Jessica Venn.


With my fellow actor Oliver John-Locke.



I filmed 'Toby' last year in Cambridge and here are some on set photos!  My character Helen loves yellow.







 With fellow actor Lee Wardell who plays my husband Phil








Precious Little Things

My first feature film for a while is 'Precious Little Things' by Nightpiece Media.  I had a wonderful time shooting my scenes as Shirley Travors and can't wait for the Edinburgh Premiere in August which I really hope to attend.



 On location in Gillingham in Kent - never seen so many flowers.





My first film for 2017 - I have the wonderful role of Carol, the mother of an amazing ten year old boy.


 With my wonderful fellow actor Joe Evans.


 The whole Samsara family, Richard Warwick, me, Joe Evans and Rebecca Rayne




Top Table

A second fabulous short from Padelis Fernandes Films in which I play May, a beauty therapist having a bad day!







A new high budget short from Padelis Fernandes Films in which I have one of the leading roles!  What an amazing experience to film in Portugal.











On location at the Miradouro of Our Lady of the Mount with fellow actor Hugo Calcadas


City of Spies

 A new feature film from FFAB Productions.  I have a small role as the University Administrator - filming in Vienna was wonderful.






A new high budget short from Professor Stamen Films - I play Helen, pictured here with my husband Phil played by Lee Wardell.







Miscarriage Association Corporate Film

 My first Corporate film for 2016 in which I play an Ultrasound Nurse tasked with delivering painful news.









 One Way

My first feature film role in several years is 'One Way'.  I was so happy to be cast as Jan - there should be some stills soon but here is a rehearsal shot.



With fellow actors Sofia Moura, Aaron Thomas, Rupert  Shelbourne and Gregory Cathcart



My most recent film shot in  Yorkshire & Derbyshire - I play a mysterious lady called Theresa.





Bank Ad

Me on set at Centrestage Studios in Islington London








The Still Smoking Gun

  My first film noir!  I play a diplomat Sam Archer in this new noir mystery from Pixelcove Productions filmed on location in Oxford.




Am I Selfish?

In this new short film I play a Doctor with some difficult situations to deal with.   Filmed on Canon Ex-3, it was an intense shoot and a great role for me.





 A proper medieval family aspires to the best of all choices - don't they?  Destiny is a film for Kino Film Festival Challenge.








 Me as Lady Genevieve with fellow actors Phelim Kelly and Josh Swarbrick



Mostly Dead

 This new horror short is about a pregnant lady Mary and her husband Charles.  A wonderful part for me.






 This film is about the life of the great Second World War hero, Noor Inayat Khan, code name Madelaine.  I play the role of Vera Atkins supervisor and mentor to Noor and the  other British SOE agents many of whom did not survive the war.  The life expectancy of SOE staff in the field was just six weeks.







 Vera in RAF uniform


Vera after the war in civilian clothes



The Conversation

This new film by Rehana Zaman is about a woman pondering questions about her job and life in general - she gets some interesting answers.





ATL Teachers' Film

 In this corporate film for ATL Teachers' Union I play a primary school teacher dealing with problems of racism, homophobia and sexism with the help of relevant organisations who support ATL with their knowledge and skills.




 With my fantastic co-actors from the William Patten School



Pendell Grove

In this supernatural thriller by Sparehead Media I play Laura Miller, the mother of a teenage girl whose determined silence is a mystery to all around her. 





In this short film by Mummy Productions Ltd I play a Policewoman for the first time.  It felt very empowering.
Think Twice
I had the role of a Mother of a teenage son in very difficult circumstances in this new film by Legacy Media Institute.  



 On location in Tooting


Discover Card Commercial

I recently played a New York Cat Lady in a commercial for Discover Card.  I grabbed these stills online.  Maybe soon I'll get to return to New York!







 The Mayfly
These photos were taken at Lord Lichfield's home, Shugborough House where we shot 'The Mayfly'.  I was cast as the British Prime Minister, Elizabeth Hawthorne - what a role!  It has benefitted my showreel greatly.  One day I will return to Shugborough, it was so beautiful but there wasn't enough time to look round then.
 With fellow actor Simon Marriott who played my son.



Death of the Virgin
This photo was taken in Italy, when I was filming 'Death of the Virgin'.  I played the role of Emma the maid and adopted daughter.
On set in the old Villa that was our Hotel, with fellow actors Richard Eckles, Natasha Allan-Zaky, Grace Pienezak and director Joseph Tito.  (photo by Megan Vigil)


In my new film 'Downsizer' I play Mrs Ashcroft, a lady who is not at all what she seems.  For the first time I used guns in a film and although I am not a fan of guns at all, it was oddly empowering.
My first screen baddie.
Quite a view, to a kill.....
Mrs Ashcroft in a moment of lucidity.....


 Channel Six
I played a bitchy TV executive in this short film directed by Adrian Smith. 
The Condemned
I have just started working on this TV film set in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943.  I play Frejda, a Jewish woman who is being hidden by a German officer.  Is it safer for her to try to escape or to remain hidden?  Bringing this true story to life is going to be a considerable challenge but one I am grateful to have.
Frejda and Einhard played by fellow actor Noro Napravnik
A rehearsal during 'The Condemned'
An Aadvark Sang in Leicester Square
I have been working for the last year on 'Aadvark' - our story of superheroes and a group of Jehovah's witnesses in Grantham is great - I can't wait to see it all.  I play the role of Gladys, a witness who lapsed and has now returned to the fold.  Great character.
Madge and Gladys
On the missionary trail......
In Leicester Square with an Aadvark.....



 The Deaths of John Smith or How to be late for your Own Funeral

 I have now completed most of my filming on  'Deaths of John Smith' - it may now be called 'The Wrong Funeral'.  Filmed in Leamington Spa and the beautiful village of Lighthorne it is a comedy of misunderstandings.


   Another everyday commitee meeting?



Waiting for 'Action'




 Now what?...



It's all too much....



Getting to the end of the day and the shoot....