2018 should see a lot more development in these areas for me....all will be revealed!

2018 Not Today role Victim of Crime

 Not today is a corporate film made for the Metropolitan Police' Violent Crime Prevention Unit.  I play the victim of a mugging - it was good to have such a challenging scene to play.  Hopefully this film will help to shed light on the position of both criminals and victims.




2018 Hope UK recruitment and fundraising films - interviewee and helper

Hope UK, the Drug education charity I have worked for so many years has brought out some new films for the internet. Made by Minamon Film I feel sure they will help us to attract many wonderful new Volunteers and support.  If you would like to help prevent drug harms in the UK or anywhere in the world please get in touch with Hope UK on 0207 928 0848.






2017- 2018 The Beatrix Potter Trail - director and camera

The Beatrix Potter Trail is a web series that retraces the steps of Beatrix Potter in Victorian London.  It is presented by Beatrix' real life cousin, actor Nadine Hanwell.  In the series we look at Beatrix' Art, writing, love of animals, her relationships with her family and other notable Victorian figures.  We have now had 9 Official Selections and 2 Wins at Film Festivals which is awesome!





2017 The WayBack - role 1950s Mum

 This summer I worked on an amazing Virtual Reality Film 'The Wayback' for Thomas Thomas Films.  It will soon be released.  What an amazing memory.  The film has been created to trigger memories in people with Altzheimers a process that has been proven to work - the power of film never ceases to amaze me.




2017 Forever Unconditional - role Mum

Recently I filmed the new pop video for Andy Watts' single 'Forever Unconditional' for 'As A Button Productions'.  It was a good role for me with some really dramatic scenes.  It's always interesting when you have no lines and have to convey your meaning without them.  From what I saw on the monitor our acting came across.  I haven't done a pop video for a long time so this was great. 




2016 Thames Rockets - role snaphappy tourist

This was the most fun corporate film I have ever made - who wouldn't want to zip across the Thames in a red speedboat?  And though I was playing a photo obsessive, I also got many beautiful photos of London from the water.  I recommend the Rocket Trip to anyone - you embark at the London Eye.




2016 Cyber Security - role Angella

How safe are office emails - what are the gaps in online security?  I played Angella, a bit of a know all in this new film by London:DC filmed on location in Hemel Hempstead.





2016 Miscarriage Association film - role Fiona Ultrasound Nurse

I was really happy to be cast in this new film made by Media Trust, my first Corporate of 2016.  I play a Sonographer who has to break difficult news to expectant parents.


2015 Reinvent Romance - role DIY Mum

I have been working on the new Hewlett Packard ads linked with Star Wars playing a Mum again.  Wonderful week!





2015 Bank Advert - role consumer

I just filmed this Bank commercial which will be airing soon - I play a rather wasteful consumer!




2015 Population Matters - Zombie film, role Zombie

The Population Matters charity works to promote a sustainable future for the planet which will be a hard goal to achieve.  I had a wonderful time in this film by Media Trust playing a zombie who was totally unconcerned about these matters!


2015 HAGA - Families in Recovery, role Trisha

Haga are a London based charity who help people and families who are suffering because of alcoholism.  As they say in their website 'Everyone is different'.  This film by Black Mountain Films explores the work of Haga with actors and real life members of the Families in Recovery Programme.

2015 Snowdrop, role Vera Atkins

During the Second World War a new Intelligence service, SOE was established to help the work of Resistance fighters in occupied Europe.  In great danger, SOE agents transmitted radio messages to headquarters in London.  They were at times the only source of communication between the Allied countries and their compatriots in Nazi occupied Europe.  Noor Inayat Khan was a radio operator in occupied Paris until she was betrayed by another spy.  'Snowdrop' is a film about Noor's life and great heroism made by Talking Pictures Ltd.




A genuine SOE suitcase containing a radio transmitter.  Weighing 30lbs they had to be carried by agents to different locations in order to avoid detection by the Nazis.  If they were caught with such a case they were shot - the agents risked their lives each time they made a broadcast.



2014 This Secret Place, role Margaret Hughes

In the Churchill War Rooms in the heart of Westminster a small army of people worked to plan Britain's war strategy and defence on many different fronts.  In the pre-computer age many secretaries were needed to type out top secret documents (always with two carbon copies).  Working in different shifts the typing never stopped through the war years.  It was amazing to play one of these tough ladies in the place itself.  





2014 ATL Teachers Union Corporate Film, role Primary School Teacher

A teacher's job is not easy from any point of view but there are organisations who can help teachers to deal with homophobia, racism and sexism.  This corporate by Leap Films  for the ATL highlights where teachers can seek help. 





2014 Who Laid the Eggs ?, role Forensic Scientist

In association with Childrens' National Book Week, I took part in a 4 hour Improvisation to establish what creature laid the enormous  eggs found in Brecknock Primary School playground?  The truth is out there.....





2014 Expedia Training Corporate Film, role Dr Beecroft

My first corporate film for 2014 was this fun training video by Tomorrowland Films - I hope there will be more!  I think it is the first time I have worn a white coat.




2014 Scorned, role Susan

I played the role of Susan in a reading and audio recording of a new TV sitcom 'Scorned'. Susan is the daughter of one of the main characters whose life is changed forever by an unexpected event.  A really good session.






2013 Think Twice, role Mum

'Think Twice' is a dramatised account of real problems in our society.  Irrational hatred, human vulnerability and their consequences are brought to life in this new film from Legacy Media Institute.




2013 Tesco Corporate Film, role Tesco Mum

A film of customer feedback of Tesco customers made by Media Zoo TV.   I play a busy Mum which is a role I very much enjoy.  There was also quite a bit of scope for improvisation which I love. 



2013 Fifty Ways to Kill Your Lover, role Patient One

A series of true life murders re-enacted, I have a good bit in the 'Killer Dentist' episode.  Filmed on location in Ashford this series is being made by Thumbs Up Productions for transmission in the UK and the United States.



2013  Family Ties, role Mrs Sarah Jones

A mother of two children, who has remarried, debates how she should set out her will should the worst ever happen.  Filmed in a studio at the University of Law this corporate film was made for Legal Network Television.



2013 Exeunt the Emperor Nero, role Her

The artist Rehana Zaman's new commission for the Outpost Gallery in Norwich is a tale of mime, self-aggrandisement and latent passions.  The script is based on the experimental writing of Ann Quinn (active in the 1950s) and reinscribes a short story about suicide.




2013 The Condemned, Qultura Fringe, role Frejda

A Jewish woman hiding in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 after the forced transportation of her fellow prisoners - is it safer to try and escape? 


The Condemned is a filmed stage play for television and educational purposes.


2012  A Day in the Life of the Jones Family, Family Futures Consortium, role Mrs Carol Jones

A professional couple unable to conceive foster three quite disturbed children.  Afraid of losing them they battle on not asking for help.  When they are at breaking point they give in and find their experiences are not unusual and that help is available.



2011 In Court With Queen Victoria, Talking Pictures Ltd, role Harriet Lepal Phipps

This drama is based on the book 'Victoria and Abdul' by Shrabani Basu.  It is a dual story about the exiled Maharajah Duleep Singh and the Munshi Abdul Karim.  Both men were close to Queen Victoria and her court.  My character Harriet Lepal Phipps, was Queen Victoria's secretary and enraged the Queen by refusing, on behalf of the Royal household, to dine with the Munshi which they felt beneath them.  A small but very interesting role.   With the use of Green Screen all kinds of backgrounds including Windsor Castle were visible as if we had been there.