Kate Sandison Actor

Welcome to my home on the Web. I hope you will visit many times. I am a Scottish actor based in London. I work in feature films, theatre and television.

I am very happy to now be represented by Principal Artistes!  Their details are on my Contact page. You can also send me an email there.

 A headshot of me by Rocco Redondo


 My New Film 'The Lost Ones' opens at Jerwood Space Gallery! 

I have so often walked round Jerwood Space and admired the art there and now I am there too in a new installation Video by artist Richard Whitby!  The film will be screened all day every day till 2nd June 2019.  'The Lost Ones' is part of the Jerwood/FVU Awards and is about our turbulent times, Brexit and civil liberty.  I play one of the interviewees.  It was a wonderful role to think myself into.




 At the opening night of 'The Lost Ones'



 John Tregenoweth - his Mark wins First Award!

After a wonderful week at London International Filmmaker Festival I was so thrilled that our Official Selection  won the award for Best Costume!  I appeared as an actor in 'John Tregenoweth' as well as doing a lot of the organising and finally holding an award felt amazing! I wonder where the film will go next?




 With Mr Ranjilal Damodaram, director of the overall best feature film of the festival, 'Nawal' or 'The Jewel'!


My Baby is part of Surrey Pride Launch! 

There was recently a new screening of 'My Baby' at the Official Launch Party in Woking of Surrey Pride.  We had a lot of good feedback and a wonderful evening which included an awesome cabaret and some very inspiring speeches.

With the director of 'My Baby', Kim Jarred at Woking Pride Launch.




John Tregenoweth has an Official Selection and Screening at Madura International Film Festival in Indonesia! 

John Tregenoweth is a film with a religious message and so we were very happy when Madura gave us an Official Selection.  They ask for films with a spiritual, uplifting message.  I wish I could have been there for the screening!


 The beautiful island of Madura!



A Dream Comes True! 

For the past five or six years I have gone to London Short Film Festival to see some of their short film screenings.  LSFF is a Bafta qualifying festival and this year, my new short film 'Toby' was selected and screened there.  Most of the film's makers were able to be there for the screening at the beautiful Regent Street Cinema and what a day we had!  So there you go - dreams can come true! 





 Can there be anyone like Toby?...….


John Tregenoweth - his Mark is an Official Selection at Olympus Film Festival in Los Angeles! 

John Tregenoweth is one of the Magic Lanterns I made with Hope UK Films and it has been given an Official Selection at Olympus Film Festival.  It 's always thrilling to have a mention in Hollywood so we are really happy.






My Baby has another Official Selection at Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival in London

It was lovely to meet up with some of my colleagues from 'My Baby' when we had a sold out screening at Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival a few weeks ago.  The film was received so well and we can't wait to see where it goes next!





Toby is an Official Selection at London LiftOff Online !

I am so happy to say that this week you can view 'Toby', my new short film online at the London Lift Off online festival together with the other Official Selections!  As the year draws to a close it's wonderful to still have screenings and news coming in.





Psychomanteum has an Official Selection at Bloodstained Film Festival ! 

Psychomanteum has had screenings in Japan before and now it has another at Bloodstained Film Festival.   I hope this year I get to visit  the home of 'The Grudge', 'Kwaidan' and 'Onibaba'....  Bloodstained Film Festival is classified as a Gold festival on Film Freeway and is rated in the top world 100.






 Playing Mary in 'Psychomanteum'


Lucrece has a Rehearsed Reading at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone in London! 


I am playing the role of Iona in 'Lucrece' the wonderful new play by Rebecca Prentice  which has a rehearsed reading on December 16th prior to further development.  It's lovely to be part of it!  The reading starts at 5pm so please come and see us.


  An Irish family have a Christmas meal together - what can go wrong?



 The Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone - it was apparently the first theatre built in the round in London since the second world war and was completed in 1970 - lovely to work there again! 


John Tregenoweth - his Mark has an Official Selection at the Inshort Film Festival in Nigeria!

This is the first festival outing for 'John Tregenoweth' and so we are very excited about it.  The film will screen at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel later this month!




 With fellow actor Jan Rigby in 'John Tregenoweth - his Mark' by Hope UK Films


Psychomanteum has an Official Selection at Switzerland International Film Festival! 





My Baby at Sheffield Transforming Cinema! 


I finally saw 'My Baby' on the big screen in Sheffield a few weeks ago!  It was lovely to meet up with the film's director Kim Jarred again and also see more films on Transgender issues.  I wonder where 'My Baby' will go next?


 With the director of 'My Baby', Kim Jarred in Sheffield








Toby has an Official Selection at LSFF in January! 


Every January for about five years I have attended the Gothic Shorts Screening at LSFF which is a Bafta qualifying Film Festival.  This year my film 'Toby' is screening there!  I am so thrilled.





Samsara has won the Audience Award at the English Riviera Film Festival! 

I am so happy to say that 'Samsara' has won at English Riviera Film Festival.  I wish I could have been there.  I think 'Samsara' is my 33rd credit on imdb which is awesome - how life has moved on.



Toby had another wonderful screening at St Neot's Film Festival!


I finally saw my new short film 'Toby' for the first time at St Neot's Film Festival recently!  It was wonderful, with a plot device I have never seen in any other film.  Thank you St Neot's for a brilliant festival.  Wonderful to see 'Toby' on the big screen.



My Baby has it's first Official Selectin at Transforming Cinema in Sheffield!

 I am so happy to say that my new short film, 'My Baby' has had it's first Official Selection at Transforming Cinema.  This film, in which I play the mother of a girl who starts to identify as a boy, has so much to say about our new understanding of transgender people gave me a wonderful opportunity to explore a mother's pain and love for her child.  Our screening is on Sunday 25th November!





Toby has a screening at Black Sunday Film Festival! 

Toby had another London screening at Black Sunday Film Festival recently and had a great reception.  It was lovely to meet up with my colleagues after a long time and meet new fellow film makers!



 Me with our Director Ash Ogden and fellow actor Josh Swarbrick!


Psychomanteum at Manchester Festival of Fantastic Film!

Psychomanteum had a wonderful screening at Manchester Festival of Fantastic Film - our Director Ray Brady received an award for his contribution to the film industry and I have never seen so many horror films in my life!  You can see Ray's Official Interview by clicking on the this link here - please lower the volume as the sound is a bit too loud.

Ray interview at Manchester Festival of Fantastic Film 


Team Psychomanteum in Manchester, from left to right fellow actor Michelle Grimshaw, Ray Brady, our Producer Anne Nauth-Misir and me!


 Ray with the SOPHA award


 Having fun and seeing lots of horror films!


Samsara has it's first Official Selection at the English Riviera Film Festival! 

I filmed 'Samsara' last year in Devon - it is so beautiful there.  Now we have Official Selections at ERFF for Best Film and Best Leading Actress nominations for our leads Rebecca Rayne and Peggy Salmon.  I wish I could be there but it won't be possible - next time!



 On the set of 'Samsara' with my wonderful film son Joe Hilton!


Psychomanteum at Manchester Festival of Fantastic Film! 

 Psychomanteum had a wonderful reception in Manchester and Ray Brady, our Director received an award for his work in film.  I have never seen so many horror films in my life!



 Toby has another Official Selection at Shiver International Film Festival in Ontario!

Toby, my new short film, has had an amazing festival run and this is continuing with our new selection at Shiver!  Let's hope we make them do just that at the screening this month....









The Beatrix Potter Trail is the Winner at Great Message Film International! 

The Great Message Film Festival in Pune, India honours films with a humanitarian message.  As Beatrix Potter was such a dedicated conservationist this win means a great deal to us.








 Psychomanteum is screening at Manchester Festival of Fantastic Film!

Psychomanteum has now had 28 wins and many more Official Selections at Film festivals all over the world.  It will next be screening at Manchester Festival of Fantastic Film followed with a Q and A with our wonderful director Ray Brady - come and join us!




 Just part of the programme at the Festival of Fantastic Films!


 Toby has another Official Selection at Anglicon Anglophile Film Festival in Seattle USA

Toby, my new short film, has it's American premiere at Anglicon Film Festival in Seattle.  This festival screens both horror classics and new films.  I loved playing the role of Helen and wish I could be there!





 Psychomanteum has an Official Selection at the Goldeneye International Festival of Cameramen in Georgia!

I feel so lucky to have been cast in the new horror feature film 'Psychomanteum' directed by Ray Brady.  Psychomanteum has now had 28 wins and 8 semi-finalist placings from film festivals all over the world and is available to buy from Amazon Prime.  Obviously I can claim no credit whatever for the camerawork but for all film buffs out there the cinematography is beautifully constructed and executed.





The Beatrix Potter Trail has an Official Selection at Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival in LA! 

My web series 'The Beatrix Potter Trail' has another festival selection in Los Angeles where it will screen at Laemmle's NoHo 7 Cinema at the end of September!  Onto the stars.....






Imdb Independent Shorts Awards 

I have a small role in 'It's in the Trees', the new horror short by Ray Brady and it has seven Official Selections & three wins at the Imdb Awards in Los Angeles!  Imdb is the film industry's directory worldwide so this is very exciting.




A mysterious meteorite lands in a normal English town......what will happen next?


Toby has a first screening in Ireland !

My short film 'Toby' has another Official Selection at 'Disappear Here' Film Festival in Ballyliffin in Ireland!  I wish I could be there. I play the role of Helen in 'Toby' and it is having a great deal of success on the film festival circuit.



Ballyliffin Bay 



The Beatrix Potter Trail is an Official Selection at Honor Film Festival in New York!

We have 12 new episodes of 'The Trail' ready to be aired and it has been so great to have a new Official Selection for the autumn.  Honor Film Festival is held at the American Indian House in New York and we are really honoured to be selected!





My new play is O.L.D. Online Dating 

I am so happy to say that I have a wonderful new part 'Lexa', a monstrous creation like no other I have played!  'O.L.D' is written by novelist Kyla Morris and is her first play.  We are doing initially two performances at the Camden Fringe with a longer run later on.  We are on at The Water Rats near Holborn on 25th & 26th August - please come and see us!


 Lead actor Ashleigh Cole in 'O.L.D Online Dating'


 Toby has it's sixth Official Selection at Nightpiece Film Festival!

My short film 'Toby' is getting so much positive feedback - now it will be screening at Nightpiece at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on 23rd August!  I was at Nightpiece last year for the Premiere of my feature film 'Precious Little Things' and it was fanatastic.  I have a new show that week in London so I can't be there but it's wonderful as an actor to have continuity and build up connections in filming.  What next for Toby?

 Our new poster!




Psychomanteum is released on Amazon Prime! 

After a wonderful week at Madrid Film Festival,  I came home to find out that my new feature film 'Psychomanteum' has now been released on Amazon Prime - it has had excellent reviews on imdb and Amazon already after only being available for a week so this is really exciting.  Please have a look - if you are a horror fan you will love it. 

 Psychomanteum on Amazon Prime!


 Psychomanteum on the big screen at Madrid International Film Awards!


Madrid International Film Festival 

Psychomanteum has had more festival mentions this time in Spain at IFF Madrid!  This is an awesome festival to be part of - we have been nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay which is wonderful.  I will be attending so will have more to relate soon as the Festival gets underway on 21st July - next Saturday! 






Psychomanteum has it's second American Official Selection at 'Something Wicked Film Festival' in Georgia! 

Once again I wish I could be there but unfortunately that's not going to be possible.  You wait so long for a film to be completed and released and then can only be in one place at a time.  Here are our new Laurels and poster!





 This photo is on my new cards and is a still from the set. 


Toby has an Official Selection at Berlin Flash Film Festival 

Toby, my new short film, has had its fifth Festival Selection at Berlin!  How awesome is that?  I will be working on another job on the evening of the screening or I would have been really tempted to fly out for it.






Psychomanteum is an Official Selection at San Benedetto Film Festival 

I play the role of Mary in 'Psychomanteum' and we were at the UK Premiere in Romford a few weeks ago.  Now it has it's first Italian Official Selection at San Benedetto which is awesome.  I don't know if I will be able to attend but I wish I could because it looks beautiful.





Toby has a Screening at Hidden Shorts! 

My new short film 'Toby' has had it's fourth Festival mention at  Hidden Shorts  in Deptford this week on Thursday 14th June.  I can' t be there but it looks a great programme for all film lovers.



I play the role of Helen in 'Toby' - this is a card I took to Cannes this year. 


Psychomanteum British Premiere! 

When I got back from Cannes this year there was no time to be depressed as the Premiere of 'Psychomanteum' was a few days later at Romford Film Festival! It was so great to meet up with our Director Ray Brady and Producer Anne Nauth Misir and finally see the finished film.  I am not surprised that 'Psychomanteum' has already got many other awards and nominations because it is brilliant.  What a night!



 It was wonderful to see myself as Mary on a real cinema screen!


Cannes 2018 

It was really wonderful to be back at Cannes for the third time.  I made some wonderful new contacts, connected with friends and saw amazing films.  I think my favourite film of the whole festival was Nadia Labaki's 'Capurnaum' - I was lucky enough to be at the Premiere and the standing ovation was 15 minutes!  Just to be present at such a night was an experience I will never forget; the film is just amazing - it reminds you why you are an actor.

Here are a few photos from my trip!


 At Directors Fortnight just before a special screening of 'Carmen & Lola' 


 The standing ovation for 'Caphernaum' - an amazing atmosphere!


 At the British Pavilion in the Cannes International Village - what a place to work and have a most welcome cup of tea!


'Toby' Wins at Brighton Rocks Film Festival! 

My new short film 'Toby' has won the Best Low Budget film Award at Brighton Rocks Film Festival.  The screening will be Friday 25th May.  As soon as I read the script for 'Toby' I was so excited as it was like no other story I had ever seen.  


The Komedia Cinema where Brighton Rocks is based.  


'Toby' will have it's Premiere at Romford Film Festival! 

My upcoming short film 'Toby' has it's first Official Selection in May in Romford.  It will be amazing to see the film on the big screen of the Premiere Cinema - what lovely news!



 I play the role of Helen in 'Toby'.  




The Noor Trail goes to Paris! 

A few years ago now I appeared in a film about the life of SOE Second World War hero, Noor Inayat Khan.  This week I visited her Paris home, Fazal Manzil and looked at the archive about her life that is kept there by the Nebahkt Foundation. Being in Noor's home was amazing.  I even saw her harp in the music room.  Apparently during the war the house was commandeered by a German army officer who before he left had lit fires on many of the floors in the house and done a great deal of damage.  Maybe when the Germans realised they were losing they got vindictive with peoples' property?  Anyway now it is restored and extended.  Here are a few photos.


Noor's home in Paris was donated to her family by a disciple of her father a revered Sufi Master.  She became a soldier despite the Sufi belief in non-violence because she felt it was impossible to stand by and do nothing as the Nazi terror spread over Europe.  Her work in occupied France was vital to victory.


Inside the archive at the Nebahkt Foundation where there are many unique original family photos and documents about Noor & her family.



 I don't think Noor's story will ever leave me.


The music room with the Harp and piano that miraculously survived the war. 


Psychomanteum is a Winner at Independent International Film Awards!

My new feature film 'Psychomanteum' has won an award at IIF in Los Angeles!  What great news - hopefully I can attend the screening.






is the new feature film from UK Film Co, and I play the role of Mary. We have now got Official Selections at Top Indie Film Awards, the Independent Horror Movie Awards and the Genre Celebration Awards!  I hope to attend a screening as soon as possible.








39,000 views on YouTube for 'Pieces'! 

I played the role of Theresa in 'Pieces' over a year ago and it is getting a lot of views on YouTube!  The age of the Internet is truly marvellous.





Hollywood Hills Film Awards!




The Beatrix Potter Trail - (my web series!) has had it's sixth Official Selection from Hollywood Hills Awards and in fact we ended with the trophy for second place!  What an amazing start to 2018. I hope to visit LA this year so maybe this is a good omen!





Ah - those Hollywood Hills!


The Beatrix Potter Trail is an Official Selection at Kolkata International Short Film Festival! 

We are so happy to say that 'The Beatrix Potter Trail' has a fifth Official Selection at KISFF in India!   What a wonderful ending to this year.  I have always wanted to visit India and wish so much I could have been there.  Here is the poster and some photos of the city!  The Laurels are on their way.








The Wayback is released online! 

Last summer, during the heatwave in June, I worked on a new Virtual Reality film by Thomas Thomas films and it is now online.  Set during the Queen's Coronation in 1953, it shows a London East End Community's celebration of the great day.  The production values are amazing.  The film was made to help Altzheimer sufferers to reconnect with their past - films have been found to help in this regard.  I am often cast in 1950s pieces - long may it continue!  I'll never forget the filming -  it was like stepping back in time.  Here is a link to 'The Wayback' film and some photos.











The Beatrix Potter Trail wins the Gold Award at Albuquerque Minefield Film Festival! 

  It's been so long since I updated my website only because I have been so busy.   'The Beatrix Potter Trail' is going from strength to strength and we are thrilled to win another award in New Mexico in the USA!  You never know what good things are around the corner.  Here are some photos of our Laurels and the Festival poster!







The Beatrix Potter Trail is a winner at New Delhi Short Film Festival! 

What a week it's been - the first films I have directed for 'The Beatrix Potter Trail' web series have won an award at New Delhi Short Film Festival.  I wish I could have been there but I am also having an amazing time playing Miss Prism in 'The Importance of Being Earnest' at the Brockley Jack Theatre so you can't be in two places at once.  I am happy to say there will be more news about 'The Trail' soon!










The Beatrix Potter Trail at LA Cinefest! 

I am so happy to say we have had our second festival selection from LA Cinefest, our first was at DMOFF Film Festival!  After only being online for five weeks this is very encouraging.  This is the first film I have directed and it's been a wonderful week!   More news soon.....






The Importance of Being Earnest 

is opening on 14th November at the Brockley Jack Theatre - I am playing the role of Miss Prism.  Rehearsals in South Norwood have been wonderful and next week we move into the theatre.  Here is our poster and a first cast photo! 




The Beatrix Potter Trail is nominated!  

 for DMOFF Film Festival!  We are getting more and more views on our YouTube Channel and lots of positive feedback!  People seem to be really enjoying 'The Beatrix Potter Trail'.

If you have a moment why not vote for us on this link at DMOFF?

The Beatrix Potter Trail page at DMOFF Film Festival! 



 The Beatrix Potter Trail

is a new web series that I have directed and filmed which stars professional actor and relative of Beatrix Potter, Nadine Hanwell.  In the series Nadine retraces the steps of Beatrix Potter in Victorian London looking at her beliefs, influences and family history.  Our first three episodes are live on YouTube on Nadine's channel to which I have hopefully put a link here



 The web series poster designed by me!  We are also on Twitter at @Beatrixpotter17 and on Facebook at 'BeatrixPotter & Kensington Gardens Kingdom'.  Beatrix was an amazing woman way ahead of her time.


 Precious Little Things has been released on Amazon Prime! 

I play the role of Shirley Travors in 'Precious Little Things' the latest feature film from Al Carretta's Nightpiece Media and it is now available to watch online at Amazon Prime - this is the first film I have appeared in that has been released by Amazon and I am thrilled!  Here is a link to the film's site -


 I have often looked longingly at other colleagues whose work has been released on Amazon so this is great.





 Liberte, Noor Inayat Khan has a new screening!

I went to Wanborough this weekend for the screening of 'Liberte' - this film, about the life of  World War Two SOE agent Noor Inayat Khan has gone all over the country for exhibition in places with links to SOE (Special Operations Executive).  Wanborough Manor was a school for secret agents and Noor studied there - her reports were excellent.  It was amazing to see 'Liberte' again and to walk in Noor's footsteps.  I hope one day everyone knows her story.





The screening was held in Wanborough Great Barn, the oldest wooden building in the UK. So much history.


I don't think Noor's story will ever leave me



Run Hide Tell

is the new feature film from the Horror master Ray Brady.  I play the role of Mary.  It will be out in a few months but here is the poster! 



Precious Little Things Premiere! 

My new feature film 'Precious Little Things' is going to be screened on 22nd August at Nightpiece Film Festival in Edinburgh. I really hope to be there.  I play Shirley Travors. Here is the poster!




Toby is about to be released!

Toby is the new short film from Professor Stamen Productions I worked on last year in Cambridge and it is almost finished.  I can't wait to see it!  Here is the poster. I play the role of Helen!




Cannes 2017

 I have just returned from the Cannes Film Festival and it was amazing!  I saw so many great films and met amazing people.   On my last evening there I attended the Premiere of Sofia Coppola's 'The Beguiled' which I loved.  Well back to reality!




 At the Premiere for 'The Beguiled'


 My View of the Red Carpet!


The most beautiful Yacht in Cannes surely?



 Cannes at Night!


At the Premiere for Naomi Kawase's beautiful film 'Radiance' at Cannes 2017


I'm in the Press - please read my interview in IndieActivity!

I'm so grateful to IndieActivity for their great interview.  Brought up a lot of memories!  Here is the link to it - IndieActivity Interview with Kate Sandison





Support City of Spies!

Last summer I did some filming in Vienna for the first time on the feature film 'City of Spies', a cool new Spy thriller.  About half of it is 'in the can' as we say but now there is an Indiegogo campaign to finish it.  You can see the trailer here and it's great! A link to the Indiegogo campaign is below.







 Me on the set of City of Spies in Vienna!


Pieces is Online! 

You can view my new short film 'Pieces' at this link here - I know there are more plans for 'Pieces' but for now here it is!




Beeston Film Festival

 Here are a few photos from Beeston Film Festival last week.  It was a lot of fun and 'Pieces' got a great reaction in the screening room.  I was very pleased to get a 'Film Maker' pass - of course actors are film makers though often regarded as I don't know, sort of vagabonds trying to get something dishonest!  They should try making films without good actors and see what kind of film they end up with!  Anyway off my soapbox - it was a wonderful festival.










Pieces is an Official Selection at Beeston Film Festival!

 I am so happy that we are screening there!  I very much hope to attend.   Where will 'Pieces' go next?








Media Trust Film Online

About a year ago I did a film made by Media Trust about miscarriage and it is now online and been highly praised by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  I play an obstetric nurse who needs some retraining - you can see the film below.  I am happy to say that it has helped many people with their medical training.






Cymbeline Opens at The Space Arts Centre

I will be doing my first full Shakespeare production 'Cymbeline' - I play Belaria and we open on Monday 5th December!  It's been a long rehearsal process and it will be wonderful to finally go on and explore these characters more.







Pieces gets a Special Mention at I Filmmaker in Marbella!


It is almost a year ago since we filmed 'Pieces' in Yorkshire and Derbyshire - it doesn't seem that long  - it was so beautiful on location but very cold, a far cry from Marbella where we have had a Special Mention.  Where will it go next?!








 New Photos by ELM Photo Studio!

I have just had new shots done by ELM and I can't recommend them highly enough.  They do not just headshots but also porfolio shots like these below - Leah and Elisha took all day to achieve these photographs and I'm so glad they did. You can see some more on my Still Photos page. Here is a link to their website

ELM Photo Studios 









Top Table

 is my twentieth imdb credit!  You probably know that imdb is the film industry bible - on it are all the feature films, TV shows, shorts and documentaries that have been given professional status.  When I came into acting properly as an adult I had a few credits on imdb from years before but now it has built up.  When I look back to this time last year so many things have happened that I couldn't have foreseen.  I didn't know about 'Top Table' or that it would be filmed in Portugal!  My character is May, a disgruntled beautician coming home after a long day at work.  I love to do comedy and hope 2017 will provide a lot more comedic opportunities!





 On location in Portugal for 'Top Table'!


Pieces is an Official Selection at Fright Night!

 'Pieces' has now had 5 festival nominations and will have it's second screening in the US in November!  'Fright Night Horror Fest' takes place in Louisville Kentucky and has been described as 'The Largest Genre Film Festival in Mid America'.  Where will it go next?







I'll never forget this wonderful week as I have been filming on location in Portugal for the first time!  The sun blazed down and a lot of work was done.   The role of Lydia is a fantastic one for me and I'm so grateful to have been cast.  Here is the poster!





 I have for the last few weeks been rehearsing for 'Space20', a celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the The Space Arts Centre in the Isle of Dogs.  In the past I appeared at there as Baker in 'Fulfil Me Fully Phil' and Helen in 'Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens'.  What memories!!  It was great to be back.  I didn't know that the building was originally built in 1859 for the Scottish shipworkers' Presbyterian Church.  It was they who built Isambard Kingdom Brunel's  steamship 'Great Eastern'.  No wonder I feel at home there.  The show was sold out well in advance and a wonderful evening was had by all.







 Pieces at Exit 6 Film Festival!

 This weekend I finally saw 'Pieces' on the big screen at the Exit 6 Film Festival in Basingstoke.  I had seen 'Pieces' on the computer but the big screen was something else!  I also still jumped at all the scares.  We got wonderful feedback from the other Festival goers and all in all it was a great day!



 With Dan Sunley and Dean Harris, the director and producer of 'Pieces'







Pieces will have it's American Premiere at Telluride Horror Show in Colorado!

 Pieces, the short film I worked on last year had it's UK premiere at Nightpiece Film Festival in Edinburgh and in October will be screened at Telluride in the US.  I wonder where it will go next?  The photos of Telluride look so beautiful I wish I could be there.









The Noor Trail is Completed

 I was recently sent some booklets about the Noor trail - this sets out in detail all the places in England connected to the Second World War hero Noor Inayat Khan.  I learned a great deal about Noor's life when I worked on the film 'Snowdrop' for Talking Pictures last year.  Once you start to read about her life it takes over a bit.  I found myself going to many of the places associated with Noor to feel that connection to her life and times.  It was amazing to walk about a beautiful area like Baker Street in London and reflect that here many spies were recruited and trained for the Second World War.   They risked so much and often didn't survive.  I hope many people learn about Noor's life and follow the trail.  You can find out much more at the Arts Asia website here -


Liberte Exhibition on the life of Noor Inayat Khan 





Downsizer is an official selection at Bedlam Film Festival!

 On the 16th August 'Downsizer' will be screening at Hollyshorts Festival in Hollywood and also at Bedlam Film Festival in Edinburgh!  This must be auspicious - where will Downsizer go next?








 Mostly Dead Teaser Trailer

I finished 'Mostly Dead' last year - it forms part of a portmanteau horror feature film 'Horror Tales'.  Now four out of the seven shorts have been completed and 'Horror Tales' should be finished early next year.  Here is the teaser trailer - I can't wait to see it all.


Teaser Trailer Mostly Dead 









 Pieces has it's First Festival Nomination at Nightpiece 2016!

It is almost a year ago since I travelled to Yorkshire to film the trailer for 'Pieces' a new horror short from Cappuccino Studios.  Now it has been nominated at Nightpiece Film Festival in Edinburgh.  Pieces has had so many good reviews from the horror critics I wonder where it will go next?!











Downsizer is an Official Selection at Hollyshorts 2016!

 It's so great that 'Downsizer' has another festival nomination!  I wish I could go out to Hollywood for the event.  Oddly enough in the last week I have been reading about Hollywood history and the lives of some of the stars - maybe I should do this more often!










This Green and Pleasant Land

I was very happy to be cast recently in a rehearsed reading of 'This Green and Pleasant Land' a wonderful new play by Sheila Duncan, who has written a great deal for television.  I played the role of Elena, a Spanish lady with a tragic past. As well as being a rich character, I loved the challenge of working on my Spanish accent and learning a bit about tango  (I hope to do more).  The reading took place at the beautiful Beacon House in Whitstable.  It was a perfect setting. I can't wait to see what happens for 'This Green and Pleasant Land' next.  I also intend to visit Whitstable again - it is really characterful and full of beauty.



 Before the reading





 The Beacons is so beautiful & provided a perfect setting for lives of the characters we played.


Pieces Update

My new film 'Pieces' has now got a new trailer on Youtube - you can see it here.


 In addition to the new trailer, 'Pieces' has been getting some wonderful online reviews.  Here are some of them - I'm so glad I was cast as Theresa.




Cannes 2016

I was really honoured to receive Cannes accreditation this year and have just returned from the festival!  I met so many film makers, distributors and actors who gave me a lot of valuable advice and information - it's also great to make new friends.  The scale of Cannes is huge.  It is worldwide the most important film festival.  I saw screenings of classic films, attended the Premiere of Jeff Davis' 'Loving' and screenings of Pedro Aldovomar and Kleber Filho 's new films, 'Julieta' and 'Aquarius' respectively. It was wonderful! 



 At the premiere of 'Loving' at the Palais des Festivals Cannes 2016


Cannes beauty in the old harbour



 Before the screening of Kleber Filho's 'Aquarius' at the Salle du Soixantieme at the Palais



 My first morning at Cannes having just received Accreditation



 My view of the red carpet from the top of the Palais stairs at the Loving premiere



  Taking in the spectacle of Cannes from the Cinefondation roof terrace party




 My new film 'Pieces' is completed!

It is now being sent to various film festivals - I play the role of Theresa.  It has been a long but fascinating process to get to this point. You can find out much more about 'Pieces' on the Cappucino Studios website at www.piecesfilm.com 




 Some New Headshots by Rocco Redondo!

 What do you think?  My previous headshots have been wonderful and got me a lot of work but let's see what these new ones do!








Mostly Dead is nearly completed

Mostly Dead is a new horror short that I worked on last year with the acclaimed horror director Ray Brady.  It is a stand alone short and will also be in a portmanteau feature 'Horror Tales'.  Here is the poster.






 Downsizer is an Official Selection at Cinequest San Francisco

 Downsizer will have three screenings at the Cinequest Festival in March - I wish I could be there. It's not easy to get festival accreditation - approximately 10,000 short films compete for 50 or so nominations in each festival.  When I became an actor I had no idea how long the odds are in every field but now when good things happen I appreciate them all the more.









My Showreel is Updated!

I went to Minamon Film this week to have my reel updated for the first time in a few years.  Please have a look at the new work they have included.  I recommend Minamon Film to any actors looking to make or update their showreel.  They took 7 hours to work on my pieces and even recorded & dubbed in some dialogue that was inaudible.  My last showreel got me a lot of work so what will this one do?  This time next year I'll see....


  A still of me from 'The Still Smoking Gun'



 Downsizer at Edinburgh Short Film Festival

 I had a wonderful time seeing lots of great films and Edinburgh!  Life is so busy it can be hard to find the time to go home so this was a perfect chance.  I also met the Oscar nominated director Damon Mohl - his wonderful film 'Mysterious Disappearance of the Town's Last Resident' was shot in the ghost town of Bodie in Californian, such an eerie, beautiful and evocative place it is like a living film set.  The weird thing is I visited there many years ago and it has always haunted me.  Strange how coincidences come up in life!






  Summerhall Cinema





Tortoise at the Criterion Theatre West End

Naomi Westerman's new play 'Tortoise' had a matinee performance at the Criterion Theatre last week - I played the role of Elizabeth again!  It was just wonderful to stand on that stage - I can't tell you. A Londoner like me walks/runs/strolls through Piccadilly so often - but to actually  appear in a theatre there is a totally different feeling.  The play was extremely well received and got loads of laughs and great feedback.  I wonder what will happen next?  In this business you never know. 









 Snowdrop screening at Nehru House

I was at Nehru House this week for the London screening of 'Snowdrop' by Talking Pictures.  Why does going to  Mayfair in the evening make you feel like a Princess going to a ball?  Anyway it was a wonderful evening honouring the memory of the war heroine Noor Inayat Khan and it was amazing to be introduced to her nephew Michael Archer who told us some wonderful stories about his aunt before the screening.   I was cast as Vera Atkins about this time last year and it has been incredible to learn about Noor's story.


With the author of 'Spy Princess' Shrabani Basu



Nehru House in Mayfair



With the producer of 'Snowdrop' Neena Sohal



Nosology at the N16 Theatre in Balham

This Thursday evening on the 1st October 'Nosology' by Naomi Waterman will be performed at the N16.  I play the role of Elizabeth - 'Nosology' is a play within a play 'Tortoise' which I have worked on before.  It's wonderful to come back to a part you have played before and work on new material for that character as the writer creates it.  Like magic.  Well roll on Thursday!







 '5' is short listed for Berwick Media and Film Festival

 This time last year I filmed the short '5' by the artist Rehana Zaman and it has now been nominated for an Inntravel Award at Berwick which is really great.  '5' was also screened at Multiplexing last November which was very exciting - I wonder where it will go next?





 Downsizer Screening

 'Downsizer - a Short Tale of Mechanised Office Equipment' had it's first London screening at MPC in the heart of Wardour St last week.  It was wonderful to finally see the film and catch up with everyone.  There should be some festival news for 'Downsizer' soon too.  It was a wonderful evening.  Ah the big screen.....











 Saffron Avenue Rehearsed Reading

This new play about the 1889 Dockers Strike will be having a first reading at the Swiss Cottage Library on 21st July 2015 at 6.30pm.   It is being shown in association with Re-stage, an exhibition looking at the history of Radical Theatre in Camden by local artist Dmitri Galitzine.  The writer and director of 'Saffron Avenue' is Daniel Kelly an artist whose work involves writing and performance.  His previous play birds '2013' was about the Utopian ideals that led to the development of the Internet.  I am very happy to be playing the trade unionist Tom Mann.





Snowdrop Opens at Tangmere Museum!

 Earlier this year I played Vera Atkins, the SOE spy boss, in 'Snowdrop', the story of the great Second World War hero Noor Inayat Khan. Now the film is completed and touring to different places connected with Noor's story. Tangmere is where the agents, including Noor, were taken to France to spy for the Allies - here she stood on British soil for the last time.




Me at the exhibition with Sati Sohal


A still of me playing Vera Atkins


The Noor Trail through the South East of England



Screening of 'The Hoad of Ca'Thir'

I was in Camberwell this week for the first screening of 'The Hoad', a new stock motion animation film for which I did the narration. The artist and writer Isobel Lester has created a truly magical world and I am so happy to have been cast as the storyteller.

The main characters Keeper and Yama


Me with all the 'Hoad' characters


Back to the Space!

I have been at The Space theatre this week for '28 Plays Later' - a workshop for cold reading new work. We literally read 28 new plays. I portrayed a zombie killer called Sarah, a ladybird, a Doctor, a pregnant teenager, a head torturer, a particle (yes really!), and a dead wife. Good day!


My next show is at the Greenwich Theatre!

I will be going back to my mime roots playing the Mum in 'The Mime Who Wouldn't Be Silent', a new play for children. I have always wanted to perform at the Greenwich Theatre so I feel this is a wonderful start to 2015.

First day of rehearsals at Greenwich Theatre!It's so beautiful and full of theatre history.



Downsizer is completed!

Here is the poster - I am so excited about this film's release. I think Mrs Ashcroft is one of the best roles I have had.



An Aardvark Sang in Leicester Square is  screened at the Raindance Film Centre London!

I finished my scenes on Aardvark about a year ago and it is now edited and ready for festivals etc. It was awesome to see the final film today - I will always remember my days on the missionary trail!


With indie Director and film maker Ric Parkinson at Raindance



Rehearsed Reading of 'Still Waters' at the Hope Theatre Islington!

My first Welsh character - 'Still waters' is one of a trilogy of plays about the unecessary death of young people and also a very good gripping play. Great roles for women too.




Multiplexing Screening!



Me at Multiplexing! It was wonderful to be on the big screen again. Our section of 'Multiplexing' - 'The Conversation' got so much positive feedback - it was a wonderful day! My head will be turned by all the compliments.




My most recent film 'The Conversation' is being screened at 'Multiplexing'!

A group of artists from 'Lux Artist's Moving Image' have arranged a joint screening of their different films at a Multiplex cinema on the same day. The films are all being screened together as a conversation of pieces. The Multiplex in question is in Peckham, the day is this Friday 28th November.


'What an Artist Dies in Me' is being screened at Dusseldorf Film Festival!

I worked on this film over a year ago playing a Brazilian ex-pat reflecting on some awkward incidents in her social circle. It is now being screened at Dusseldorf as part of a series of films entitled 'The Dispute and the Enquiry That Followed'.










Tortoise at the Cockpit Theatre!

In May of this year I appeared in 'Tortoise' at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich and on Monday evening, 13th October, we performed a shorter version of the play at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone. There are some changes since the last outing and it has been wonderful to reunite with my colleagues and get to know these characters again. I had not performed at the Cockpit before so this was another happy first!




My Soap Opera debut in '492 Korna Klub'!

I have been cast as Bridie Robertson in this new radio soap opera from Galaxy FM. It is a live improvised drama and I have appeared in Episodes 25, 26, 27, 28,32,33,34 and 38 so far. What adrenaline! It is the first ever improvised live radio forum theatre- this means members of the public can call in to comment and advise on what the characters should do next. We had several callers and it was wonderful to get that feedback immediately. You can hear my episodes on www.492KornaKlub.com on the Catch Up tab.

'Detective Harrigan' is now out on DVD

I did post production voice work on 'Harrigan' over a year ago and it is now out on DVD. I am in the credits as the Police Operator and you can hear me on the walkie talkie speaking to the lead actors as well as other bits. I know I would say this but it is an awesome thriller. The fashions and furnishings of the 70s - even the dingy street lights remind me of being a little girl. I saw bits of the film when we put voices onto various scenes but to see it all was great. I hope I get to do some more filming soon.

The Condemned

A first cut of 'The Condemned' is almost ready and should be released soon. I am so grateful to have learned so much about the Warsaw Ghetto and the experience of the Jewish people who were imprisoned there. This year, the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, is an especially appropriate time for these stories to be told.

A photo of Nowolipki Street in the former ghetto, a real street where 'The Condemned' is set.

On the set of 'The Condemned' with fellow actor Noro Napravnik



I have for a few weeks now been working on 'Fragments' a new play by Susanna Bennett, playing three completely different women caught up in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.I have been so lucky this year to play so many rich, interesting roles and this was especially true with 'Fragments'.

Working on 'Fragments'

Tortoise Redux

I recently performed the role of Elizabeth in 'Tortoise Redux' at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich in May 2014. What a wonderful part - I hope to play it again.


Tortoise rehearsal with fellow actors Mai Cunningham and Naomi Westerman








Thicker Than Water

I have just appeared at the Arnhem Gallery of Fairfield Halls in 'Thicker Than Water', a new play by Peter Briffa selected by the Warehouse Phoenix International Writing Festival. I played Vanessa, a 'Girl with no Knickers'! I would very much like to work on 'Thicker Than Water' again. It's a really compelling, entertaining story with only 3 actors and a simple set. The Arnhem is the biggest theatre I have so far appeared in and I loved it!

On the stage of the Arnhem Theatre with fellow actors Jethro Dykes and Lee Colley- what a day!


The amazing Arnhem Gallery Theatre

Having fun at the Sundance London Film Festival

This last weekend I went to Sundance for the first time. I met so many film makers and it was such fun. I learned a lot & will definitely return. Thank you to Moo.com for my awesome new business cards - they were just right!

These palm trees were so glamorous which isn't the point of course but I have to say it was just what a film festival should be!

Taking it all in.....

Jagoda Screening at the Whirled Cinema in Brixton!

Iplayed a clairvoyant in 'Jagoda' a new horror feature film from Fighting Badgers Films. It was great to finally see the film at the Whirled Cinema this week.

Pendell Grove

A mystery film I made last year 'Pendell Grove' is now available to watch on Youtube - filmed in a stately home outside Northampton last year it's rather spooky. I play Laura Miller.


Craic in the Crypt

My most recent stage role was Clarissa Smarrington-Bythe, a bag lady with a posh voice in 'Craic in the Crypt'. 'Craic' is a new play from The Green Curtain Theatre Company. Much of my ancestry is Irish and I am getting more and more curious to track down their places of birth etc. Anyway 'Craic' is a great comedy and I love my part.

Our get in day at Harrow Arts Centre.....opening night went very well and we were loudly cheered!!! There is nothing in the world like being on stage....


Some photos from my last show 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' in which I played the title role.......

Me as Jean Brodie with Mr Lloyd played by Tim Major

A first costume photo as Miss Brodie with fellow actors Juliette Power, Alana Ross, Katie McIver and Lizzie Hiscott


The Perfect Hunch of an Agoraphobe is being released very soon!

I played the heroine's mother in the feature film last year 'The Perfect Hunch of an Agoraphobe' and it is now complete and about to be released. I love the trailer - here is a publicity still and the official poster.

Supraneeti Hammacott in the principal role as my daughter Greta




The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

I have just finished playing the title role in this famous play for a three week run at the Barons Court Theatre - what an amazing opportunity. She is nothing if not complex! This year seems to be theatre rather than film, so far for me - the total opposite to last year. Funny how things go....



What You're Missing

I began this year with a show at The King's Head Theatre in Islington. I have always wanted to work there so this is a dream come true for me. Our play is 'What You're Missing' and is about two Jewish families in Vancouver in 1974. We completely sold out which is lovely. What an amazing start to this year.

The Walk News

I played several roles in 'The Walk' computer game app last year - I was Bardle and Professor Foster and now 'USA Today' has included 'The Walk' in the top ten Apps for 2014 which is awesome.