Some good reviews, memories and photos.....


Lots of good news for 'John Tregenoweth - his Mark' my new short film 



 My new short films 'A Temperance Tale' and 'John Tregenoweth - his Mark' are both Official Selections at Nice!


  'John Tregenoweth - his Mark'  wins an Award for Best Costume at London International Film Festival!



 My new short film 'Toby' by Professor Stamen films is going from strength to strength!



 It is being screened at Norwescon the premier Science Fiction and Fantasy film festival and convention in the Pacific North West of the USA


 Toby also had a nomination at LSFF, the Bafta qualifying Film Festival and was screened in the beautiful Regent Street Cinema in January 2019!




 My new feature film 'Psychomanteum' has been screened all over the world, won 29 awards so far and is now available to view on Amazon Prime



 At the screening of 'Jane Fonda - a Life in Five Acts' at Cannes 2018 - it was very inspiring to see one of my heroes up close.


My first Web Series with most of our Laurels so far!  It's been amazing to see it come to life.  


At the screening of 'Space Odyssey 2001' at the Debussy Cinema in Cannes this year - Christopher Nolan has restored the original print and seeing the film in the Debussy, one of the few cinemas in the world that can accurately play the sound as it was designed by Stanley Kubrick was absolutely amazing. 


Appearing in the West End for the first time in 'Daisy Pulls it Off' at the beautiful Arts Theatre.  It was amazing, a dream come true.







  At the Premiere of 'Precious Little Things' with director Al Carretta at Nightpiece Film Festival 2017




 I was thrilled to receive Accreditation for Cannes this year - amazing.


Me outside the British Film pavilion at Cannes - what a view from the office!



The whole atmosphere of Cannes at night is just electric & looks beautiful.



Taking in the Trade papers and promoting my new film 'Pieces'



 My first Cannes film premiere for Jeff Davis' 'Loving' - what an amazing night.



 An Award Winning Comercial for Discover Card! 

I am Cat Lady - this was filmed in the Jermyn St Theatre in London's West End in 2013.






'Leah Grayson and Kate Sandison really shine as the brash, uptight wives.'

The Stage, review of 'Recipe for a Perfect Wife'


At the 'Recipe for a Perfect Wife' press night with fellow actor Rebecca Hack.  I look rather intense?.....



'The eerily perfect Bunty (played by Kate Sandison) is a joy to watch and gets it 100% right. 

Whatsonstage, review of 'Recipe for a Perfect Wife'




Me at my dressing table at the Charing Cross Theatre about to go on as Bunty Brown.


Kate Sandison as Bunty and Leah Grayson as Daisy especially shine on the small stage of the Charing Cross Theatre (formerly New Players Theatre).  And it is in fact the sheer charm of all the actresses for which the show deserves praise.

Extra! Extra! review for 'Recipe for a Perfect Wife' in 2011


 Downsizer is screened in Hollywood on 16th August 2016!




 Nice reviews for my new short film 'Pieces'



'Pieces' trailer in good company on the imdb home page!



Surely one of the best phrases in the world? At Greenwich Theatre




My feature film 'Death of the Virgin' was an Official Selection at Fantasporto in 2010 - I wish I had been able to go but not that time.




 I was very sorry to hear that the Curzon Cinema in Soho may be demolished for flats - I was lucky enough to have a film screened there once, OMG MTG, a short film about a young boy who is bullied over his magic trading cards.  It was a thrilling day - the main feature was 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'.  Hard to believe how fast those few years have gone.  Here I am with the director James Palmer.



Attending the William Friedkin masterclass in Cannes 2016.  I felt very strongly that I should try to get in and it was amazing.  He told us that the Vatican had invited him to film a real exorcism in May of this year and that what occurred was incredibly close to the depiction in the film.



'Kate Sandison brings a brittle, snapping magnetism to the title character.  Her Miss Brodie is at her best when she is in a passion - when she is berating the hapless Mr Lowther, surrendering herself to the seedy Mr Lloyd or furiously defending herself against the prim Miss Mackay, her eyes flash and she is magnificent.' review of 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 2014





Our opening night, the 4th January 2014 at The King's Head Theatre Islington for new play 'What You're Missing' by Tamara Micner.  What an amazing day.


 Meeting up with friends at Cannes - the acclaimed horror director Ray Brady and producer Anne Nauth Misir at the Palais des Festivals.



 As Jean Brodie with fellow actor Alana Ross


'When we first see Sandison on stage, she's a picture of composure and restraint, her clothes perfectly coordinated, her voice measured - not a word wasted nor hurried.  Allen's dialogue is thin to the point where it might sound underwritten when spoken by anyone else, but it does work here, rounded off by Sandison's Edinburgh brogue.  With such care taken by Sandison to establish her character as controlled and unwavering, in the moments where the veneer cracks, we do feel for her.'

Views from the Gods Review of 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' 2014




 Filming on location in Vienna for the first time!



At 'The Walk' launch party in December 2013.  On launch day 'The Walk' was the No 1 favourite new app for the Apple Store in the US. 


The Walk poster in close up. For the first time my name was on the publicity poster!




Snapped this during a break from filming 'Yearning' at 7am in Lisbon Portugal!


 Taking in the beauty of Lisbon during the shoot for 'Yearning'.


 Some of the stories such as 'The Mime who Wouldn't be Silent' had the feeling that they had walked right off the pages of a best selling childrens' book. This was a performance that children and adults alike would find delightful and stimulating. review of Vertical Line Theatre's 'Little LineUp' 2015


 Me caricatured by graphic artist Luke Philippo during the run of 'Elegies for Angels'!




Praise should go to all four of the schoolgirls in the play, and Kate Sandison as Jean Brodie herself, working so well off of each other in their numerous scenes together.

The Theatre Tourist Review of 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' 2014



At the Tenderpixel Gallery in London's West End with the artist Rehana Zaman.  A film I made with her 'Exeunt the Emperor Nero/When an Artist Dies in Me' was selected for exhibition.  A wonderful evening.  Tenderpixel is in beautiful Cecil Court, one of my favourite streets.....




'Jose Domingos and Kate Sandison...... successfully crank up the plot's tension and emotional angst.'

The Stage review of 'An Ideal Husband' at Greenwich Playhouse.




The Greenwich Playhouse during our run of 'An Ideal Husband'.



'Kate's emotional outburst over her husband's deceit was brilliantly controlled.'

Pinkwire Review of 'An Ideal Husband' at Greenwich Playhouse.




At an after show party



  Made a new friend at Cannes 2016 - the Hungarian Film director Karl Badosh!




'Terrific support comes from Kate Sandison as Diggory, the servant stiff with fear of getting it wrong.'

British Theatre Guide review of 'She Stoops to Conquer' at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre.




Working with the great Australian playwright Jack Hibberd on 'The Bedlam Ballads' - I had bought his play 'A Stretch of the Imagination' 20 years before and it was amazing to meet him.




Craic in the Crypt opening at Harrow Arts Centre on 15th March 2014  - oh what a night!!


Plenty of fun had at 'Craic in the Crypt' in Harrow tonight. Putting religion firmly back on the conversation table, with an energetic cast and a good humoured mystery at it's core.  Nice work by Kevin Bohan and team.

Fiona Audley, Irish Post, March 15th 2014




This is the view of the West End Criterion Theatre when you are standing on the stage.  It was really amazing to perform there.





'One of the two star turns of the show comes from the excellent Kate Sandison as Emma's timid and tearful tea leaf reading sister-in-law Edie'

Remote Goat review for 'Sailor Beware' at Barons Court Theatre





Going to a BKL pressnight





Years before I came down to London I saw a film 'A Little of What You Fancy' about the old days of Music Hall.  The Charing Cross Theatre was heavily featured.  Appearing there was having my dream become reality.




'Needless to say, the Weir gets a fine production from the Full Circle Theatre team under the direction of Janet Tomkins, the five strong cast - Kate Sandison, Neil Patrick, Andrew Lindfeld, David Anthony Green and David Anderson deliver a riveting evening.'

The Southend Echo review for 'The Weir' at the Palace Theatre





The beautiful Palace Theatre where I appeared as Valerie in 'The Weir'.





 Receiving flowers on the closing night of 'Queen for a Day' at Upstairs at the Gatehouse, an amazing play about 1950s women . 



Daisy flyers



'Hanwell's production is nothing short of top-hole' 

Official London Theatre review of 'Daisy Pulls it Off'



A sunny London day during the run of 'Daisy Pulls it Off'.



Wonderful to be here - the Carlton Hotel Cannes Film Festival 2016


'I enjoyed this tremendously.  Yes, I am sure that there are much worthier plays around but this was good, wholesome fun and a welcome dose of escapism.'

Optima Magazine review of 'Daisy Pulls it Off'



I had often looked at plays and read the first cast list, dreaming that one day it could be me.  Last year it was!



'This new play by Sebastian Rex, showing his imagination is as keenly inventive as ever.....Top-quality performances, admirably staged, fascinating.'

Jeremy Kingston, The Times review of 'Fulfil Me Fully Phil'



The day the books arrived at the theatre.





Filming on location in Italy was pretty amazing.  When I look at this I can smell the vineyards and the Italian air....




 There follow a number of vain attempts to deflect the prophecy by killing others - his aunt Lady Clementina (the impressively versatile Kate Sandison who also plays Lady Windermere's maid)

Remote Goat review of 'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime'





 Being filmed on RED Pro for the first time was quite something! On the set of the amazing film 'Downsizer'.





Cold but bright on my first day at the beautiful Greenwich Theatre!



 Taking in some Cannes beauty at Cannes Film Festival 2016!



Cannes Old Harbour during the Film Festival 2016